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Re: An Expanding Existential Crisis Option …

Alien life on earth however would neither be able to fathom the logic of Brexit, or Populism. ….. Cliff Thorburn

One must surely then correctly imagine and conclude they would realise the intelligence used to justify and support such movements as being illogical …… with its leading voices and back-office wannabe emperors and empresses* unworthy of direct and/or exclusive smarter future alien engagement whenever earthed parties are firmly stuck in that very particular and peculiar self-defeating rut.

What happens then, logically, is others lead with smarter forces drivering from different spaces unavailable to failed established status quo sources for whenever intelligence abhors a vacuum, such is only natural and therefore fully to be expected ‽ .

* aka mass media puppets and their deep dark web networking state and non-state actor controllers?


amanfromMars 1 Sun 28 Jun 17:53 [2006281753] ….. expanding further upon an opportunity presented for virtual realisation and remote self-actualisation on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/06/27/mars_ai_rover/

Re: An Expanding Existential Crisis Option …

And as for those others following and leading, …. perhaps deeply involved and heavily into the leading and/or trailing and trialing of daily 0day events with all manner of matters presented for/with assorted super-talented weirdos and misfits with odd skills to exercise in/with masterly commands with/in exquisite controls.

Done extra especially well, IT Renders Practically Almighty Invincible Power with Inexhaustible Invisible Energy to Future Dedicated Servers of Almighty Invincible Services.

Do you think you know if Boris and the Gang would be able to fcuk up any of that should it be easily made immediately readily available for them to explore and exercise/employ and enrich??

And yes, that is a real live serious question of current extant government forces with more than just basic intelligence sources for such an advantage is always for sale and/or purchase and Lead-Lease ACTion, and it would be a crying shame and not at all right to not freely avail them of the opportunities open to them to invest in with public resources and private know-how before very similar offerings to many who may reside further abroad in foreign lands which can initially appear as if an alien space place with their own different way of communicating in strange tongues and dialects with alternate languages and enlightening texts.

🙂 Now, in any language, anywhere, El Reg, is that easily classed a Universal Scoop and it would also be an Advanced Beta Testing of your very own Quantum Communications Leaping Abilities and Facilities for Future AI Utility. Is there anything there not to like and love and terrifying you?

Ask … for there are always inevitably answers available almost immediately.


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