amanfromMars 1 Sun 14 Jun 17:15 [2006141715] …… doing a bit of speculation on

Not even in the wildest of wet dreams of all who shit always too often in/on the Golden Goose Nest.

Taiwan, etc may think that they can take advantage of this, but I’m pretty sure it would not take long until the US found ways to try and limit Taiwan growth ……. hammarbtyp

The days of that being both a successful and possible avenue of profitable executive enterprise with exclusive extraordinary expertise from the US are long gone, hammarbtyp, and they aint coming back to give parasitic survivors a re-run with their leveraging and hedging of command with market controls.

Destructive disruptive displays create constructive catastrophic consequences in any SMARTR Future Environment beyond Primitive Digital Reach …… and that is the Whirlwind Dervish All Ignorant and Arrogant Daemons Reap/Experience/Sow when Abandoned and Lost and Adrift in the Field.

The best one can do then whenever a subject and object of ESPecial Interest is expect the end to be quick and clinical rather than long drawn out and personally painful.


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