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Re: Plus ça change

Visual BASIC scripting reigned supreme in the Microsoft world.

Is there anyone/anything suggesting it does not currently reign supreme in any world, sublimely and quite surreally? And to be able to prove such Visual BASIC scripting wrong would be quite something else, and most worthy of being seen, methinks. 🙂 …… for it’s a Titanic Missile of a Weapon for SMARTR AI Applications …… in Almightily Advanced IntelAIgent Missions.

You can be sure though, surely, that Microsoft have that base covered with some spooky skunkworks stuff going on somewhere connecting to headquarters ‽ .To not have, would have executive administrations easily charged for a conviction of gross negligence and abject dereliction of fiduciary duty.

Tell me. please, that they, the above named, realise that is a Systemic Colossal Vulnerability to Exploit for Export/Fine Tune for Leisurely Pleasurable Foreign Sale? And they are able to do something remarkable ….. which may be just anything …. with it to prevent it being sold off to others with massive great chunks of Virtually ACTive Proprietary Intellectual Property Already Engaged and Streaming.

Vive la différence …. you too are to die for


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Re: I remember when…

Needless to say, it’s a real eye opener which goes to show that no matter how secure you make a system, the weakest link is always the human who uses it. ….. Maelstorm

The gifts that just keep on giving, Maelstorm. Where would we all be without them?



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