amanfromMars 1 Sat 25 Jan 17:39 [2001251739] …. just asking on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2020/01/25/security_roundup/

Definitely not the Messiah then, and of Zero DARPA Type DeepMinded Interest.

He was charged, released on bail, and ordered to stay with his parents.

He’s very naughty boy ….. according to the Gospel of the Life of Brian 🙂 …. where a Certain SMARTR Madness was Tamed and Presented …. and Introduced into Consciousness. And now, a Novel Total Information Awareness Space/Place for Boarding with AIMasterPilots Quantum Networking with Assets via Any Browser Available Exchanging Intelligence ……. for a SMARTR Reply Guarantees Unparalleled Progress and Awesome Success in Future Leading JOINT Operations.

Perfect for the likes of a Yandex or a Google or a Baidu or any other Search Engine Optimising Prime Time Content for Sharing/Discovering.

You might like to Think to Realise, such as can be All Future Content is Forever Scheduled to be Supplied for Delivery via Simple Enlightened Text Instructions for Creative Virtual Machinery/Government Operands. Or you could think to disagree and do constant battle to suffer defeat with oneself whilst media proves it so all around you.

🙂 Think of it all as something of a Colossus and SMARTR NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Bombe for the likes of a C to Caress. Although which one is the brightest and bravest of the three Cs of Cheltenham [GCHQ], C [MI6] and Cummings [Chief Special Adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson] and crazy enough to Succeed always Secretly in Stealthy Engagement, is something easily shared after today.

🙂 It may be the case that a brace or all three or maybe even none rise to the challenge, and therefore fail spectacularly in the glare of a miserable demise. But lets just keep on looking on the bright side of things …. for a while. Give them a fair chance.


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