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Re: Ethics?

So, if our aliens really want cheap reality TV, with all the artificial drama and suspense of the genre, they need to make it about themselves, based on their own codes and customs, with actors their spectators can relate with and root for. ….. ThatOne

The question to ask of the masses regarding cheap reality TV and/or of any form of media too for that matter with El Reg punching front and centre in that crazy mix, is does it reflect the past, present and future or is it designed and used to lead it with bigger and better pictures with things anew to be painted and presented with sound action and visible reaction?

And does it follow or lead IT and AI developments?

Whose realities are they grooming you to accept as …… well, superior and attractive is well suited for both the perverse capture and simple corruption of both the ignorant and arrogant ……. for someone decides what you are to see and hear and feel every day unless you want to accept there is no such human executive administrative decision and there is no future planning involved for mass media presentation.

Either of those current realities are catastrophically vulnerable to smarter use and systemic abuse of readily available facilities and ubiquitous utilities.

Although some questions will be way beyond the comprehension of the masses for as Churchill noted about the general intelligence of the masses …… The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter. ….. which is quite harsh whenever true.


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Re: Colour me interested…

Not that I claim any ability to really understand the low down scientific details, but as a middle aged and somewhat jaded IT professional, QC is about the only area of computing science I still have any form of interest in following outside of daily work. ….. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse

The present question to power the future is simply whether one can lead anything, and therefore also everything, with QC in Absolute Command and Overall Control? To realise yes, certainly, has one incredibly advantaged with many abilities much sought after to exercise and prepare for employment and deployment of largesse. Is that not akin to a Holding of Right Royal Privilege?

🙂 Seems like Harry and Meghan are keen to explore the more Antony and Cleopatra Root for Service and Servering rather than suffer being mirrored in an Edward and Mrs Simpson concoction of bitter confections.

Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse, there is a great deal more following your interest yet to come, and if it stops coming, it has only been temporarily stopped by spooky forces beyond conventional control.



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