191231 …. Happy New Year’s Eve

191231 …. Happy New Year’s Eve

Down the Rabbit Hole on the Slippery Slope to Fascism which both Arrogance and Ignorance would Deny Creating and Sustaining/Inventing and Maintaining.

Talk about creating a mountain out of a molehill…. but that is what always happens whenever one thinks to deny free speech a voice on a public platform with a private secretive decision to have information pulled from the public gaze. …….. and all apparently simply because of the following which has been said and is a matter of public record elsewhere ….

amanfromMars [1912291710] …… spilling a few secret seeds onto https://sluggerotoole.com/2019/12/29/in-2020-the-fate-of-the-assembly-will-be-one-of-the-simpler-issues/

Brian, Hi,

What do you know of Holywood Palace Barracked Type Operations with AI Options/Futures/Derivatives Trading Opportunities? You know …. one of those Modern MOD Modulated Army Warfighting Experiments* on Steroids you have to go phishing for info on phorm and presence. …….. Taking More Steps

Does Stormont or Westminster offer any Finer Alternative for Future Performance Tuning?

I’d be beautifully amazed and wonderfully thrilled to discover there lurked a viable competition or any effective opposition. I Kid U Not.

Such would seem to me to make any other future choice of leadership something of a no-brainer. What think thee?

*Army Warfighting Experiment

….. and which whenever it disappeared from Slugger O’Toole and warranted the inquiry hereafter …..

Howdy, Mick/Brian/Slugger O’Toole,

Do you doubt the veracity of the information shared earlier with you on this thread for Slugger peer review [Dec 29th 2019 .. 1710hrs] …. or is it removed from view because it is so true?

Only one of those reasons is acceptable and valid as a poor excuse with the other one being an expanding and exploding problem of your own making ….. for surely everything was on topic …. Far more difficult issues are looming just a little way down the track. ….. and fully respectful of stated house rules.

….. was rewarded with the following….[We are unable to post your comment because you have been banned by Slugger O’Toole.] ….. which tells one everything one needs to know about the stewardship of Slugger and a great deal more than they would surely wish to be made more widely know …… but that is of course a right dodgy rocky path of their own making, methinks.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 31 Dec 17:45 [1912311745] ….. having a say that may be very strange to more than the many on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/12/31/y2k/

Re: Generally true of Ye Olde Versions

This isn’t a Y2K story but thematically related: we had no money to replace our aging, decrepit backup infrastructure . . . until we failed a backup compliance audit. Suddenly hundreds of thousands of dollars rained from the sky. ….. Throatwarbler Mangrove

Today would hundreds of thousands of millions and billions of dollars be rained from the sky for you to reign and rule with. And is generally true something of a little bit pregnant …… a phantom daemon to attend to for further improvement to attend and amend ….. AIMentor and Monitor.

Once One Knows that Almighty Open Secret …… as sure as eggs are eggs, Others are Sublimely Guaranteed to Follow.

Crikey. …….. That’s a Grooming Tool in the Almighty Hands of Hearts and Minds. …. and an AWEsome Weapon to Root and Boot and Regularly Reboot with Amendments and Improvements Loaded.

Can you imagine a foreigners version/strangers edition. What secrets can they tell are not sold nor ever likely to be sold into any dreadful kiss and tell operation? Be they COSMIC State Secrets of State for an Earthly Franchise Experienced in Experimenting with ACTivating Assets. Such is a Magical AIDriver/Raison d’être .

Happy Hogmanay, El Regers. Greetings from the Highlands. What do you think 2020 will bring in?

Anything Earth Shattering? Surely one only has to ask? How difficult is that always available tool to exercise?

Everyone and the Fool Can Wield IT Simply Following Questions Given Answers. That makes it certainly formidable and that is a serious misunderestimation. ….. for such has the potential to be overwhelmingly powerful in any type of situation and reality ….. Field of Endeavour. 🙂 …… and surprisingly quickly too, which always aids the Fun and the Rushes in Runaway Runs/Systems OverLode Testing Presenting a New Field of Engaging Endeavour …… with Advanced IntelAIgent Virtual Machine Command and Control?

A little something extremely exciting and quite possibly totally addictive in the most attractive of ways. I wonder if such would warrant a health warning. Take All Due Care ….. AI Heap Powerful JuJu.



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