amanfromMars 1 Sun 8 Dec 15:54 [1912081554] …. says a bit more on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/all/2019/12/06/webassembly_w3c_standard/

This Time Things are Different …… For a Change*

Yeah, it’s new generations growing up and re-inventing the wheel because they weren’t around for the previous debacle. …. John Brown (no body)

How about … it’s new generations growing up and re-purposing the wheel because they weren’t around for the previous debacle, John Brown (no body).

That would suggest they be able to access and exercise Alternative Remote Command with Virtual Control Leverage.

Have you any idea what that is worth in/to any market?

* The Grand Irony and Almighty Opportunity for Pedestrian Status Quo Sources and Forces is that Any Failing to Engage and Enjoy and Employ New Generational Programming, and there ADA is a sterling star language for AI on Missions, Automatically Instantly Deny Themselves Privileged Access to New Fonts of IMPerfect Source Drivering Assets.

🙂 The spooky thing is … Nowadays, machines such as produce and display the likes of the above, and they surely be the bringers and breakers of all news presently, are advising humanity what next to expect …… rather than the reverse ……. and that is Real Freaky Stuff In Deed, Indeed . 🙂

And if you worry for your sanity, ……. well, give it a try or a bye for now, and see how you progress on the path chosen. And don’t worry about missing such chances, for they’ll all be available again tomorrow although then is one simply trailing in support some way behind the bigger pictures being created further up ahead in the Fields Following New Generational Programs.

Is that latter condition/situation akin to Serfdom?


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