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ISIS Road to Hell

 “Intelligence information should protect our nation, not provide personal profit,” said G. Zachary Terwilliger, US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, in a statement. 

But it clearly doesn’t, and does, Mr US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.

And you can’t do anything at all really effective and great game changing about all of that, can you?

Trying to penalise and put an extortionate price on the appearance of truth, …. and let us here all assume the Permanent Record tale told is an honest account of Intelligence Systems International Shenanigans …… is a monumental folly worthy of madness in the enthrall of mayhem.

And it instantly identifies the real enemy and supporting conspiratorial systems within ‽ .:-)

[The road to hell (part 1)]

Stood still on a highway
I saw a woman
By the side of the road
With a face that I knew like my own
Reflected in my window
Well she walked up to my quarterlight
And she bent down real slow
A fearful pressure paralysed me in my shadow
She said ‘son what are you doing here
My fear for you has turned me in my grave’
I said ‘mama I come to the valley of the rich
Myself to sell’
She said ‘son this is the road to hell’

On your journey cross the wilderness
From the desert to the well
You have strayed upon the motorway to hell

[The road to hell (part 2)]

Well I’m standing by the river
But the water doesn’t flow
It boils with every poison you can think of
And I’m underneath the streetlight
But the light of joy I know
Scared beyond belief way down in the shadows
And the perverted fear of violence
Chokes the smile on every face
And common sense is ringing out the bell
This ain’t no technological breakdown
Oh no, this is the road to hell

And all the roads jam up with credit
And there’s nothing you can do
It’s all just bits of paper flying away from you
Oh look out world, take a good look
What comes down here
You must learn this lesson fast and learn it well
This ain’t no upwardly mobile freeway
Oh no, this is the road
Said this is the road
This is the road to hell ….. https://genius.com/Chris-rea-the-road-to-hell-part-1-and-2-lyrics



amanfromMars 1 Wed 18 Sep 17:36 [1909181736] ….. having a further deeper ponder on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/09/17/us_govt_sues_snowden/

A Virtually Almighty Command and Control Lever Age ….. with AWE20me Special Forces.

Is such an onerous NDA (“contract”) fair and reasonable whenever the upper levels of secret knowledge gleaned and learned are so incredibly valuable and fantastically expensive to not reveal and conceal/squirrel away for another time later. 🙂

It is certainly not good elite capitalist business sense, battling to restrict and restrain growth in upper levels of secret knowledge, whenever markets can deliver and driver whatever analysts and programmers imagine to be possible via ITs use of Media and AI and/or AIs use of IT and Media.

And that delivers an altogether fundamentally different Bigger Picture Show to Present for NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACtive Input to Output SMARTR Enabling.

How switched on to the Myriad Wiles of HyperRadioProACTive IT Web Spiders are the MOD/UKGBNI and are they being soft targeted here with this simple registering of an expression of interest in AWE20 ….. or would one need to enquire directly via the email addresses provided/dead drops supplied?

They’re here being tested for Leading AI Positions with an Engaging Out of this World Narrative Raw Core Ore Source Supplying Future Product for Present Production.

How do you think they will fare in that sort of Experimental Warfighting Army Ware? Brilliantly or abysmally?


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