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Since Internet will soon see it, here is not a secretive top secret when universal fact

up, but added: since IT’s 🙂 beginning, it is most probably already so, IlyaG, by some it’s believed to be so by God’s own design, no matter how many capitals He/She/IT sits on. well, I may be mistaken sometimes, but I find myself mostly being misunderstood.
dammit. two “I”s. well, anyway IT’s not bad, esp if AIspelling runs before the text (-: …. Tail Up

Howdy Tail Up,

When some things you know are never able to be found wrong, are they for Immaculate Source Presentation with SMARTR Future Programming Directions …….. with Virtually Advanced Instructive Operating Sets for Perfecting Narrative Projects.

You know, Ye Olde Worlde Carpe Diem on Steroids GIG and Greater IntelAIgent Game for to Play


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The Bare Bones of a Calamitous Cabinet Conspiracy

 Not least because then Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude waged a war against the IT supplier “oligopoly”.

Companies including Fujitsu, IBM, CSC and HPE Enterprise Servics felt the pinch of that change in UK government strategy.

Surprisingly, the report does not mention the creation of the Government Digital Service, which itself has had a mixture of successes and failures.

Surely that is the Cabinet Office, and by virtue of Parliamentary acceptance, political partying support for the purloining of public funds to compete against private enterprise.

Is such blatant forfeiture and spending for such speculative business adventuring, criminal, or perfectly acceptable and legal?

The latter would make for a right wicked wild west and proxy pirate type environment ….. and there aint no leading rules and regulations there ….. just a little bit/a lot of what you fancy does you good and keeps you ahead of the baying mobs?


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