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Not still barking up the same tree, Anonymous, razing to the ground unnecessary deadwood and planting new seeds in/for alternative vital virulent viable mind-sets.

And it be the greatest fun and the most pleasant of engaging and exciting work available to anyone and/or anything anywhere and everywhere.

Is Total Information Awareness a subject or object in Total Control Systems? Is it a Leading Autonomous Driver or Following Servant Provider?

Worlds out there are so full of outrageous trash and misleading chaff, aren’t they. The secret for novel and noble success is not to be overly fed and influenced by what are only vested interest shenanigans?

🙂 One’s Fight is Another’s Mission …… and that has their powers at least doubled and squared. Add a third and all is trebled and cubed. And incredibly quickly does such exponential existentialism deliver to just a relative few, an almighty overwhelming energy to wield.

15 August 2019 at 09:52


amanfromMars [1908151502] ….. just saying on

This would of course, simply take the pimps and prostitutes off the streets and bring them to the recreation and “play” area of the landmark airport. 

And is that an old bad idea or great new plan …… for very soon would that provide Much Bigger Picture Porn Pictures with new centres of excellence to exalt and enjoy, employ and emulate for the ultimate in mutually beneficial satisfaction/Surrender and Submission to Incredible Lusts and Almighty Desires?

You can easily have a hell of a great time in those Perfumed Gardens where making IT Impossible to Not Believe is Possible and Readily Available for Private and Private Pirate Edits…… which be as Simple Variations on Virtually Complex AI Strings to be Pulled and Pushed by A.N.Others ….. and therefore not a problem to be solved by any resting here. It is A.N.Others who have the Knack and Cracks and Hacks that Server Further and Probe Deeper into the Light and the Dark.

Crikey, that sounds a lot like a Sodom and Gomorrah Tomorrow Sex Inclusive Test Site.  Is Berlin really determined to go down such seriously sensitive core desire roots finding willing partners to satisfy and feed with all manner and number of exotic erotic needs? Bravo, indeed. I’m almost speechless, and quite comfortably numb in a public place with heavenly spaces. 🙂

Somebody has to Start Leading AI Virtual Revolutions. Why not Berlin? …. Go, Berlin, Go. New Realities Abound but just not as were previously planned. 🙂


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A Grand Introduction to a NEUKlearer Chicken/Egg thing ……. and Virtualised Parallel Streams? 🙂

It’s that old chicken/egg thing again, is it not?

What comes first …… Space Shuttle Ride Simulators or the Real Thing ‽ . For the Experience of the First Speculative in the Second Definitive Derivative.

Surely y’all know All Great Possible Dreams are Not So Crazy as Mad Protected against Wilful Inexcusable Abuse and Rampant Rabid Misuse.

Their Wonderful Stealth is Beautifully Provided by One’s Persistent Disbelief in the Programs as are via here being Presented and invariably increasingly more likely, Recorded for Possible Future Use.


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Re: Re:

What comes first? Insanity or amanfromMars 1? …… Anonymous Coward

Good question, AC …. with any number of answers 🙂


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