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By the time the 2020 election arrives, the “economic crash” that Elizabeth Warren is warning about is likely to be here. But no amount of “free stuff” is going to fix things, and the truth is that socialism never works on a long-term basis.

Considering it is fiat produced ponzi mercantilism and fascist capitalism which has delivered the doom and looming crashing economic situation in the United States, and on a long-term basis too to boot at root, there is certain perverse and objectionable misdirection in suggesting no amount of “free stuff” is going to fix things whenever free things are the only valid source of government encouragement for civil engagement.

It certainly worked extremely well for the banking sector not so very long ago whenever it was broke and on its knees.


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Your Enemies in Hiding in Plain Sight?

Barr echoed the familiar refrain that criminals were using encryption to “go dark,” and frustrate officers and agents’ efforts to catch them. If this were true, we’d be seeing an explosion or at least some rise in crime here in America. However, that’s simply not the case – quite the opposite in fact:

What the likes of a Barr is not drawing attention to, is the fundamental change of probable future attack victim, which is certain to be as a war waged specifically against that and those who would think to rule absolutely with sub-prime programs and projects rather than sharing the benefits and advantages which such a utility/facility provides.

The “enemy” is getting smarter and spewing out info and intel on that which seeks to restrict its discoveries and uncoverings/vulnerabilities and bugs, and that puts a target on the likes of a Barr.

And quite whether that be more the terrorists are coming or the terrorists are being identified is something to ponder on before jumping off the fence.


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Re: I have a solution

plus relevant taxes.

🙂 I like your style, An Armchair Internet Security Contractor/Uplink. 🙂


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Everyone’s Ace Trump Card ‽ .

I don’t know passwords to any sites I use a decent password for (as they use machine generated distinctly non memorable passwords. so without the password manager I would have no hope of giving those out) – sites I don’t care about, as nothing of use on them personal data wise, get simple passwords I have a hope of remembering e.g. iPlayer, …. tiggity

That’s a very memorable Get Out and Stay Out of Jail for Free Card to Play and is Always Available for WorldsWideWeb Bedded Play with Special Operations Executives.


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