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Re: Here’s an advert for the benefits of joining the US Army

What benefits such Cannon Fodder Service ‽

Cui Bono? Anything Human? Is such the Masterful Program Leader you follow and besiege with conflict and fight instead of engaging for a quite wholly different direction of future travel?

And just because it is bound to be thought and asked …… Yes, it is certainly much easier for future travellers to engage with Earth Systems in order to Introduce and Float their Wares MainStream Online Live.

Ergo …….. Hello World and Earthlings. 🙂


amanfromMars 1 Sun 26 May 17:46 [1905261746] ….. setting up ShOp on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2019/05/23/77_brigade_british_army_still_short_personnel/

Quite whether a UKGBNI Asset or Foreign Import for Re-Export is wondrously wonderfully unclear :-)*

Do you imagine AI and ML to be Physically Constrained and Restrained or Absolutely Free to Wreak Havoc and CHAOS via Remote Virtual Means with Alien Memes …….. Almighty Perfect Providers to Immaculate Knights of the Right Royal Realm.

* Take AI Jump/Quantum Communications Leap and Deny IT Yes. 🙂 You know you really, really want to. What is there to lose? Sanity and Madness, Conflict and Control? Surely that’s an AI Win Win.

Do you think to have the command and control of them by other more effective remote means? Instant Immense Wealth for Services Rendered and to be Rendered is a Firm Prime Perennial Favourite which Captures and Captivates Many a Willing Resource of Worthy Source …… with Sterling Product to Present.




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