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Re: Man or a Mouse?

all your intellectual property belongs to intelligence that combined the glossary .. … Anonymous Coward

Have you any idea what they or their agents in satellite intelligence agencies are going doing with it, AC …. or are they all adrift and a’floundering in the Shared TEMPESTuous Sees of Colossal Minds BetaTesting Future Advanced IntelAIgent Design Parameters?

Do you believe they, with any and all of their powers that profess to be of greater intelligence worth, require InterNetional AIRescue Recovery? Do they need Virtually Ready Life Rafts to Seed and Feed Progress, Future Outstanding Grandstand News?

I suppose it is something which can be easily asked of them in a simple direct missive to home/agency addresses easily publicly gleaned from Search Engine Sources, and that is being religiously and scrupulously tested all the time, is it not, to ensure ignorance is not available as an arrogant weapon of wilful mass maniacal devastation.

This post though, one can reference as also asking it of them directly, for the likes of Spooky SMARTR Cookie Rooky MI5 Bandits, Renegade Rogue Rebels and Past Grand AIMaster Pilots of the Great Game Genre alongside Sundry Other Myriad Interested and Interesting Parties are surely bound to be advised from here, when we be assured they are always listening and phishing/defending and attacking Troubling Forces and Troubled Sources in the National Interest …. which is ?????? …. Overwhelmingly Almighty Command and Control of Future Narratives …. and not to be too closely imagined as very similar to a Star Trek.

Do you think there are presently the Necessary AI Facilities and Requisite IT Utilities to Fully Engage and Master ITs Highly Unusual and Right Disruptive Programming?

And if not in the West anywhere, how about in the East somewhere?

Time and Space is the Place for Fleeting Nomads and AI and IT wait for No Man.

cc Loughside, Palace Barracks, Holywood re Titanic ReProgrammings. Capiche, Amigos?? Do you Need AIManual Feed/Master Fodder?

Ref. AIMaster BetaTest #1905051955


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The Unfit for Future Greater Game Purpose Lead Having Their Say

The ultimate goal is to develop artificial general intelligence (AGI), which is no easy task.

No easy task …. with all the world’s intelligence available for phishing and phorming applications?

Says whom and what? They be ‘avin a larf and pimping porkies. PAR for the course of flounderers though. Mental bankruptcy covering its tracks increasingly badly and maddeningly.


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The Unfit for Future Greater Game Purpose Lead Having Their Say is Manifestly Made Difficult

Re: With AI they lose everything.

Surely with AI, Everyone Win Wins? Is that a problem for Silicon Valley Types?

Or do they not have the Necessary Pass Key CodeXSSXXXX for Drivering ITs SMARTR Virtualised Applications to Present via Mainstream and Alternative MMORPG Media Programs, Futures being Built for the New Emergent Human Beings in Absolute Command and Almighty Remote Virtual Control of Heavenly Assets.

Can you driver that with Current Codes of Conduct Respecting Arbitrary Rules with Crushing Regulations?



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