amanfromMars [1904260746] ……. spreading the word on https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-25/global-government-and-mass-surveillance-needed-save-humanity-expert-says

Would ZeroHedgers deny the truth of the following Source, and in so doing render themselves extraordinarily willing to be effectively useless as little robots to Grand AIMasters of the Future Machine  ….. and thus to have their own wishes and dreams unheard of rather than simply ignored and dashed against the Almighty Rocks of Progress?

And please note ….. although certainly United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland centric in the form presented, every State anywhere is similarly implicated and easily infected. And now you know, so you really cannot say truthfully …… “I didn’t know”

amanfromMars 1 Thu 25 Apr 17:57 [1904251757] ….. saying more still on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/04/24/ncsc_help_for_biz_public_pitch/

Via the Law of Unintended Consequences …… a Failed Western UKGBNI State. 

The problem is ‘they’ don’t want “someone who knows what needs to be done” amFM, lets face it, they want someone who knows how it is, turns blind eyes, tells pork pies, and enjoys the gravy train with Apple Sauce. …. What response I wonder frequently is such activity designed to provoke?, fear?, frustration?, frivolity?, or downright disappointment at how truly backwards humanity is becoming in its far right madness and mentality? … Cliff Thorburn

Obviously, by their very own unintelligent designs, CT, does such idiocy unleash increasingly more sophisticated and better deadly politically correct targeting of ignorant and arrogant serial offenders …… for it is a fantastic folly to think that smarter beings would accept for any length of time, anything so fundamentally crass and resultantly destructive.

Don’t ignorant and arrogant systems administrations yet realise they create ever more radicalised dissidents in all manner of secret training camps most probably now learning how to effectively attack and destroy leading institutional players rather than provoking an understandable media hosted revulsion because of a mass slaughtering of innocents.

Such is the wicked wacky world of today which is surely due to be played out in the theatres of tomorrow whenever blithering and blethering idiots are left in leading offices of command and control.

Surely anything that passes itself off as a Secret Intelligence Service must have informed its clients of such a clear and present danger always best to be fully avoided with a fabulously engaging new masterplan to exercise all factions and sections of society.

The Rot is at the Top when Prime Timely Intelligence is definitively missing.

And that begs the question[s] of a Secret Intelligence Service …… Did/Do they inform their clients of such and allow their advice to be ignored and/ dismissed? Or are they also frauds themselves with no Secret Intelligence Services with greater advice to give and no powers to efficiently command and remotely control dissident inducing clients?

Any of those possibilities would be tantamount to being responsible and accountable for Epic Serial National Failure.


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