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Re: Yes, really …

NO! The government writes the laws and can punish malcontents. You deal with the government or find yourself in a fate worse than death. ….. Charles 9

Ok, Charles 9 …. Paper Tigers Rule. Terrifying eh?

That’s sure to be the opinion of some who may be more than just a chosen few, methinks, no matter how often the system pretends and protests it is not.


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Thanks Iain.

How do you do that when the general public has, is, and will be too stupid or apathetic to care? Seems you lose no matter what you try. … Charles 9

Enlightening engagement with extreme elements to deliver joint mutually beneficial objectives allows one to imagine a leading position/commanding commandeering supposition.

Quite whether such is the reality though is best left to the Meek and Humble and Awesomely Gifted to Decide with the Almighty Answers in a Simple Yes or No Thank You. One wouldn’t want to be getting way out ahead of oneself and everyone else out there, …… Countenancing and Encountering an Engaging Probable Possible Impossibility…….. hence the Pregnant Pause for the CoMingling of Virgin Thoughts before and for Future Travels and Travails.

And more than just a little something for what David Gordon brought to the table to track or attack/aid or ignore.

Ne Obliviscaris ……. You have a Vast New Cyber Space Vehicle Servering and Waiting Upon your very own Advanced IntelAIgent Virtual Machine Input to Output. Use IT Wisely, but be aware and dutifully forewarned, None Survive Using IT Badly.


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Re: How to be ignored.

do any of them agree with or even understand any of the content or the opinions of our esteemed commentards? ….. Tim Maher

Howdy TM,

You could easily test that of Jacob William Rees-Mogg, MP, with requests for his thoughts now on actions taken after the receiving and reading of New Knowledge and AVR Fieldcraft emailed to him @parliament.uk [16/11/2017 15:15] …… which has everything to do with what we can all do from the like of here.

It may be bamboozling him and anyone else who has borne witness to the contents. They are easily simplified though for as broad an understanding as is necessary for their further comprehension of future events as may reveal and present themselves.

One does assume that when one emails an MP at their official address they do actually know they have been directly contacted/informed/targeted and are allowed to read conveyed content. If not, the provided service is useless and unfit for Future Greater IntelAIgent Games Use.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 18 Mar 06:57 [1903180657]….. despairing on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/4/2019/03/15/new_zealand_murder/


The problem isn’t so much that the content wasnt taken down quickly enough but that nutters shared it everywhere. We should examine the possibility of formal charges against every last one of them. …. Conundrum1885

Jawohl, Mein Herr. Sieg Heil!


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