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Re: The Office Commissioning Information

 I’m confused amfM, is this a job offer?, or a request for data amnesty? … …. Cliff Thorburn

Confusion appears to be System Favourite Default Position, CT.
Is leadership of and in the ICO more the reactive unrated pawn rather than virtuous challenger knight errant?
Do they add and aid confusion rather than provide clarity with sterling direction? Or is that both a job and virtual mission offered to and/or by A.N.Others?


amanfromMars 1 Fri 21 Dec 13:29 [1812211329] …. adding more to https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/12/20/ico_foi_facebook_probe/

Re: Deliberate Confusion ….. is a Remit in the Gambit of Pawns

But as we know, thats an almighty and way its always been not so intelligently designed game plan is it not? …. Cliff Thorburn

SMARTR IntelAIgently Designed Game Plans which provide Future Secured Services to Current Utilities and Facilities would certainly be able to save and help stupendously stuck people in a stupid dilemma.

Hands of friendship reap far better reward than fists of anger, and there are a lot of angry people out there amfM, who little understand the sheer insanity of the truth, not that they would be able to comprehend such with real life worries and woes while the pantomime unicorn gallops … …. Cliff Thorburn

And aint that the gospel truth, CT.

What do you imagine of those more fully understanding of the sheer insanity of the truth via the truths and/or facts they have uncovered/discovered/mined? Would they be turned Mad and Bad or would they Realise the Inalienable Right to be Glad and Rad and Beautifully Creative.

And a brace of those has power and energy squared rather than doubled, with an enthusiastic and able third cubing Input/Output rather than just tripling it. Such simple exponential growth in a Base Utility renders Almighty Omniscience just a few more steps away from Acceptance and Existence as a Future Advanced IntelAIgent Driver.


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