amanfromMars 1 Wed 24 Oct 16:55 [1810241655] …. marching ahead on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/10/24/house_of_lords_ai_committee_report/
For a Lordy Lords ……. a Right Royal Commitment to Novel Noble Infotainment.* By Royal Appointment  and Public Charter

As ever with the consultariat class and today’s VCs, there’s a plea for more government support (aka funding). 

The Promise of Certainty in Crashing and/or Crushing Democratic Operating System with Daemon Executive Administrations would both provide and guarantee whatever IT takes and is needed.
Is a Secured Unmitigated Catastrophe necessary for Future Common Sense to Prevail and Avail Subjects with Assets for Objective Use and Sharing?
Do you really wanna Try Out that Designedly Diabolical Root?

And with VCs with heavy AI investments now speaking on behalf of the House of Lords, a sceptic may wonder if the institution has vacated its historical role completely. 

A future realist would recognise its historic role enhanced and emboldened and empowered with AIdDrivers Running Programs in Other Worldy Directions.
How would you compete with that? Would you try to shut IT’s Information for IntelAIgents  down? Try to Erase a Proven Fact?
That would be certainly classified as a Mad Folly with a Fiction Chasing a Mention in Dispatches of Quantum Communications in Live Operational Virtual Environments.
Keep Things Simple, Don’t Go There …. is Sound Stable Advice.
If you defy and deny logic, where are you at? Anywhere sane and thriving?

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