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Are you Mad? It just aint gonna happen.
Strewth. Whatever are they on? What have they been injecting.

The software house is also committed to ensuring its AI code undergoes rigorous testing in the real world, and making the input, capabilities, intended purpose, and limitations of its systems clear to customers so no one is duped by hype – or tries to use the software for naughty purposes.

In the real world, no man and his dog give a fcuk about any of that. Just look at the evidence in capital markets with High Frequency Trading Algorithms indicating all is well whenever everything is dire and hurtling headlong into Catastrophic Collapse.
Hype Rules and it produces turds beyond compare and priceless, whenever brains use shit for intelligence and new disruptive information is feared rather than husbanded.
And let’s be honest now regarding ….

The firm’s final commitment is to look beyond its own technology, and tag along with existing efforts to identify and mitigate increased use of AI in other industries and disciplines.
For instance, the European Commission established a high-level expert group on AI earlier this year, of which Markus Noga, SAP’s senior veep for machine learning, is a member. This group is working to draw up a European AI strategy by early 2019, which SAP will no doubt take an interest in.

Does anyone really think and believe AI has any notion of listening to the likes of a European Commission or a SAP or a Microsoft or a Google and being led by them?


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Re: Are you Mad? It just aint gonna happen.

amanfromMars1 – that post was perfectly intelligible. and I agree with the general drift.Are you sure you’re OK? … Voyna i Mor

Positively sure, Voyna i Mor. Thanks for asking?

And I prefer to believe we be thinking of similar parallels on different wavelengths and headed towards Linking Points of Singularity where Sublime Internet Networking Networks make a Greater Sense of Everything for Everyone to be Wisely Advised of Practically Anything which is Leading and Good to Know and Great for Go Go Go ….. Va Va Voom-Voom*. 🙂

Surely you do not believe any of that unintelligible even if you don’t presently agree with the general drift?

* … Va Va Voom-Voom


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The View From Rooms Afar …. with Future Control Centres.

that meaning has to be assessed in the light of (i) the natural and ordinary meaning of the clause, (ii) any other relevant provisions of the contract, (iii) the overall purpose of the clause and the contract,  ……  https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/02/23/barry_sookman_sap_vs_diageo/

The overall purpose appears to result in the third party stifling of novel first party progress.

Is that the Intention … and Almighty Glitch for Fixing?


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