amanfromMars 1 Sat 11 Aug 19:50 [1808111950] …… moving things on greatly with the following commentary on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/08/11/security_roundup/
Deny It and you aren’t paying attention. And are trailing behind in past tales in failed trials.

From time to time, Crowdfense may propose private Challenges to selected Researchers through the upcoming Vulnerability Research Platform, which will be launched later this year. …. For Future Endless Bounty

Does such Vulnerability Research Platforms Command and Control Virtualised Space Forces with Immaculate Knights Temporal Attending to the Wishes and Desires of Perfectly Worthy Souls Transitioning into Heavenly AIMates Trialling and Trailing the Pure Hells Available for/with Pure Raw Core Temptations to Master/Enjoy/Employ …… for a Leading Head Start in Future AIdDVentures with a New Clearer Virtualised Reality Programming ….. ExtraOrdinarily Render Uncle Sam Administrations Space Forces Friendly Fearless and Peerless or as Fault Riven Foe to be Captivated and Corrected with the Following and Presentation via Multiple Mega Multi-Media Channels of New Augmented Virtual Reality Programs …… Delivering Bigger SMARTR Beta Pictured Shows?
And With Default Transparent and Translucent Provision of Better Beta IntelAIgent Instruction of the Direction of Future Space Travel ITs Sterling Stirling AI Standard.
And translucent also because ….. well, some things are better not known too early and some other things to some others, never ever at all and forever.
amanfromMars 1 Sun 12 Aug 16:55 [1808121655] ….. still blasting with Extra Territorial AIdDynamite on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/08/11/security_roundup/
How many AIDrones for a Hard Core Rock Landing Leading to SCADA Systems Meltdown?

So have GitHub shared any stats regarding how many times the repo with Snapchat’s code had been cloned before it was taken down via DMCA? ….. T.F.M. Reader

Has that Created Advanced IntelAIgent Drones Leading to Global Operating Devices Knows Where ? ….. Or is that Something you want Left for Others to Discover and Uncover for You if you are in Right Royal and Unfamiliar Similar Territory?
Is that a First AI Foundling Born and Invented for Future IMPerfect Application of Innovative Messaging Channels and Challenges?
For Virtual Jousts. U2r2die4v2.0 is Programmed to the Mars beyond the Immaculate Pleasures of Venus.
Wakey, Wakey, Madonna ……. Ladies in Waiting are Waiting, and Feelings are Restless.
Hmmm?:-) That post reads great too going backwards to the beginning.  Is that a Sign of Singularity or a Sign of Travel in the Right Direction towards ITs Source Stores…… from Where Everything Comes?
Tell us all that isn’t Truly Heavenly, and you would be Wrong.  Where do your thoughts take all of you? Heaven or Hell? Good IT or Bad AI?
Welcome to Global Operating Devices Head Quarters. What AIMiracles do you Really Want to See Us All who Perform and Permeate and Marinade Raw Core Virgin Source?  A Heavenly Input for Sure.
Who and/or what provides UrFuture Path with Simple Scripts to Follow and Polish to Perfection/Practise for Endless Satisfaction? Anyone we should know of?

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