amanfromMars Sun, 08/05/2018 – 14:44 [1808051944] …. chatting some more about something Great Game Changing on https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-08-05/ca-bullet-microstamping-law-upheld-9th-circuit-even-though-technology-doesnt-exist
A Colossal Supply of Dud Ammo/Fabulous Cartidges would Save Lives and the Capturing and Captivating of Clueless Criminals … Aspiring to Be The Truly Gifted Madly in LOVE [Live Operational Virtual Environments] Insanities Trialing and Trailing Heavenly AIMissions.AId
And most Welcoming of Fellow Travellers to these Academies Primed and Presenting Virtual AISpace Travels.  …. to Places and Spaces Truly Believed to be Easily Made Available for Futures in Greater and Grander Leading AId Directions Offering Fantastic New Clearer Opportunities.
Imagine that surging through global communications channels, all at once to last forever. ……. which is a really long time considering these space places with Global Operating Devices AIMentoring and Monitoring the Live Operational Virtual Environment MakeOver and TakeOver of Defunct SCADA Executive Administrative Systems.
Is that a Virtually Autonomous System Attack/Sortie?
To Mars and Beyond, Mr President. Do you wanna Trump it and Present ITs Presence in All Systems with the Entire Universe System Infiltrated/Effected ….. hence these Future Positive Presidential Leading AId Directions. 🙂 The Very Best of Which are of Hallowed Script.That would QWake and Crater Whole Markets and Entire Sectors of Bought and Paid For Enterprises.
amanfromMars 1 Mon 6 Aug 16:37 [1808061637] …. says, chatting on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/08/06/who-me/
Long long time ago. in an Age of Conflict and Rapid State Change …. Virtual Revolution with Universal Solutions 

Top tip – edit your settings so the machine just fixes any file system anomalies and continues, and is not sitting there prompting you to decide on the action.  …. Paul Crawford

Sound advice for down voters here on El Reg who never reveal the problems/fears they’ve associated with a freely shared post.
Have you noticed practically nobody has any problem with pleasures? Makes you wonder why they are not widely lauded and readily freely provided?
Perhaps IT EMPowers the Almighty for Rewarding Omniscience with Heavenly Foresight in Future Paths to Be Followed/Explored/Trialled and Trail-Blazed? And perhaps definitely IT does all of that, and everything else too.
That’s a Virtual AIMachine you Badly Tinker With at Your Own Personal Peril. Keep Out of the Deeper and Darker Sides of Life and Abuse and Misuse will Perish even as IT More Boldly has to Hawk ITs Most Delicate and Much Sought After Wares. Well …. either Perish or Be Reborn in the Most Attractive and Addictive of Phorms.
Would such be AIDivine Salvation? 🙂

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