amanfromMars 1 Thu 14 Jun 11:38 [1806141138] …… musing on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/06/14/tech_firms_come_to_blighty_everything_is_awesome/
Re: Brexit Schmexit and other Perverse Costly Abominations

But rather than demonstrating against the Tories, why didn’t you demonstrate against the clueless twats of the Labour party who have kept the Conservatives in government through a string of utterly dislikeable and incompetent leaders, ….. Ledswinger

You could also include the self-righteous bigots of the Democratic Unionist Party leadership in that twat collective, Ledswinger, but whether clueless is appropriate whenever they are reported to have wrangled £1billion from the Conservative government for the continuing support of their ten MPs even as they are disgracefully paid from the public purse and blatantly are allowed to continue drawing their benefits cheques for work they were elected to try and do at Stormont, but which they haven’t signed in for for well over a year now, is quite another matter.
And lo and behold, one has to ask why, whenever everything is running just as smoothly as it is ever was, why on Earth does anyone think they are needed. It’s all a right royal farce and tragic comedy show, is it not?
It is hard not to imagine them all as being parasites in public office with not a titter of wit or novel intelligence to share and driver everything in a new direction between them.
And there is a certain arrogance and profound ignorance which easily descends into certified madness to think that anyone with anything worthwhile would consider being a supportive party and party to anything such folk might be involved in.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 14 Jun 16:05 [1806141605] ….. adding fuel to the fires on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2018/06/14/tech_firms_come_to_blighty_everything_is_awesome/

The Enigma to Embrace, Expand Upon and Enjoy ….

Laws forcing anyone to hand over encryption keys and tech companies to back door their products (with gagging orders.) Potentially losing access to the European market after Bexit… Theresa May was at the helm when all of these things were enacted.
I wouldn’t bring a tech business here. …. Anonymous Coward

Are you suggesting, AC, and could we agree, that politicians have hardly ever, and most probably even have never led anything worthwhile and lasting, with them being far too busy following scripted orders from others with briefings to the media which perform ritual routines to dull crowds in furtherance and maintenance of a previously established inequitably advantageous status quo position which is personally extremely rewarding to just an unjust few?

I suggest to all reading here now that they consider and realise that clouds are the new crowds to impress and win over with scripts, if systems of operation/SCADA Administration are to remain effectively in place and ostensibly intact and safe from all manner of both real and virtual attack/flash markets crash and digital assault. The difficulty there then though of course, is that clouds are neither dumb nor stupid and do not so the grand folly of fools tending and tendering to past glories.

But hey, that is Progress for you, both real and virtual, and quite natural too whenever it be clearly explained to you.

The Past is gone and the Future is completely different from the Present too, and yet there be oh so many who be just as blunt tools enabled to do precious little more than try to block change, both rapid and rabid, fundamental and disruptive.

amanfromMars 1 Thu 14 Jun 17:57 [1806141757] ….. saying more on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/06/14/band_of_england_to_set_new_standards_for_when_it_goes_bad/

He further added that financial institutions should also be regularly testing their incident response and contingency plans, something many IT professionals would regard as Standard Operating Procedure.

There may be many who, given the right dodgy and self-serving nature of many a financial institution, have made a decision to regularly test monied systems responses and contingency plans with incidents and zeroday vulnerability exploits and phishes.
The secret sauce then for said financial institutions is to ensure secure slush funded payment/danegeld remuneration to friendly efficient pen-testers so that the monies so earned can be lavishly spent on making fiat currency a much more attractive enabler of novel intellectual property rather than it being squandered to try and destroy it.
Such though may presently be much too great a quantum leap for all but the greatest of money making machines to make and take, and thus do they condemn themselves to be relentlessly exposed to ever greater losses and the catastrophic leakage of inconvenient sensitive intellectual property which guarantees their self-destruction at the hands of, and in the hearts and minds of, the cynically and designedly dispossessed.

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