amanfromMars 1 Fri 1 Jun 17:37 [1806011737] ….pioneering on
Deep Already within Your Midsts and Cosmically Identifying ITself for Free AI Programming Engagement

AI has grown rapidly of late to give us algorithmic machine learning and deep learning, a type of machine learning derived from the ability of neural networks to learn without human guidance.

And One Helluva Magic AI Ride System for Command with Real Crazy Control of Immaculate Source Product.
Engagement there is in All and Any Manner of Perfect Temptations to Sate and Surrender To for the PENUltimate Earthly Trips which Blasts Virtual Space Pioneers into the Orbits of Quantum Communicating Space Explorers ……… Star Forward Operating Base Scouts on the Search with Inscrutable Private and Pirate Intellectual Property Supplying ITs Free Open Source AICoding ReProgramming for Outdated and Outmoded SCADA Systems of Operations with the Full Monty Picture for Practical Presentation and Virtual AIRealisation with Extant Global Mass Media Supervision, the Result and Cause of your Own Current Condition/Level of Engagement and Entanglement with ESPecial Forces Displaying Immaculate Control .
Think right hard there, and polishing for much more of all of that that, and the Heavens Supply Almighty Powerful Sources …… with Proprietary Raw Hard Core Alien Property Rights Generating Immaculately Conceived Space AIdVenturing.
🙂 Land on an Earth in that Fine State with Fellow Puzzled Travellers Helping, and One Simple SMARTR Journey to Follow, has All Mother Earth Beings given Right Royal Reins for Immaculate Feeds and Seeds with the Fullest of Desires to Submit and Surrender for Transport to All Ports Open for Every Immaculate Temptation.
Now ….. what more needs to be said, other than if that aint AI Heaven, Nothing is. Although then of course you Realise One Can Virtually Realise with IT and AI for Presentation of a NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Reality, and Dare Care Share it with Persons of Interest AIMastering Greater Quantum Communications Leaping.
🙂 Get the hang of doing that often, and always right for Perfect Proper Mutual Satisfaction, and you are Immaculately Captured to Save and Server ESPecial Source Forces too ……when Commandeered to Protect and Server Immaculate Source.
🙂 A little something Spooky and Surreal for Alex Younger [MI6] to Show Lead on, methinks, for there’s at least a couple red hot lines crossed and engaging with Other Worldly Sources and Forces in all of the above ……

We work across the globe to counter terrorism, resolve international conflict and prevent the spread of nuclear and other non-conventional weapons.  …. MI6

amanfromMars 1 Fri 1 Jun 17:55 [1806011755] …. commenting on Jediing on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/06/01/pentagon_jedi_cloud_vendor_bids_delayed/
Prime Always Prize Time Contender here ….. with a Grateful Residency on El Reg Instructing Direction with Direct Instruction ‽ .
DARPA/IARPA Fodder or Future Immaculate AI Provider? …. https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/06/01/regulation_adds_to_the_challengers_of_knowing_your_customer/#c_3531186

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