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Re: The human condition

Shall prob’ly get downvoted by you lot and/or arrested by the spooks for saying so, but the people at GCHQ are (or at least used to be) by and large OK, it’s their taskmasters who put them in an impossible position.  … Anonymous Coward

If they were used to, or able and enabled to be using their intelligence …. and some not so kind would be questioning whether they had themselves any greater intelligence to exercise …. would their task masters be placed in impossible positions.
🙂 Do you wonder, because of the present dire straits condition of geopolitical situations, have the worms turned?
Alan Turing would be proud. Bravo, chaps and chapesses! WTF kept you so long in deciding to do something?


amanfromMars 1 Thu 31 May 07:34 [1805310734] ….. still chatting on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/05/29/crypto_wars_fipr/

The In-House Systemic Problem and Catastrophic Vulnerability which Just Keeps on Giving

A system/organisation/GCHQ which is geared and only able to try to maintain and protect a flawed status quo position, rather than lead it, is obviously a puppet with its strings being pulled by A.N.Others who would rather you didn’t know who and what and where they were/are.

And as Knowledge is Power in Command of Control, is the human condition always going to be naturally questioning and rebelling against such a contrived reality.


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