amanfromMars [1805261754] …. giving IT an Airing on https://sluggerotoole.com/2018/05/25/can-we-relinquish-the-hand-of-history-by-bringing-the-assembly-down-from-stormont-hill/

The younger generations will not inherit these problems here, they are coming to an end by re uniting this great nation of ours and together we will help repair the damage the UK is imposing on itself and the bankruptcy it will soon be facing into ….. Reality Check

Here being exactly where, Reality Check? They are handy to always know for Visits and Pow Wows.
Oh, and I do not think you disagree at all with all that has here on this thread been served. for there is more than just encouraging support in what you have shared …. for Further Future Immunity Community Actions.
What do you think transpires in Palace Barracks, Holywood, now, now that MI5 are in Operational Residence.
Do you think anything real spooky and Great Game Changing? It is not as if their sorts of shenanigans are not known to persons of interest to Great Game Players. The Troubles revealed and released a whole treasure trove of extremely valuable intelligence jewels which cannot be resealed and forgotten, but they can be used to present whole new worlds with very similar needs to feed and seed/provide for novel growth ….. Imaginative Progress.
Do you think they play in such AI, which to Master, is Pure Heavenly Art?
Or is Slugger here introducing them and yous to what can be, rather than not thinking and thinking to stick with things as they is? Such is not natural or normal, for the Far Future is nothing at all like Presents now …. and yet so many would be opposed to simply complicated changes which they have no command and control over.
If the journey sounds pleasant, be brave and wise and enjoy the helter-skelter ride. And don’t forget, we have these text based tools so that you can share a preferred destination which you might like us all to visit and enjoy to MaxXSSXXXX …… which is quite far and deep enough for Any and All who would be able to report on such Virtualised Reality AIdVentures.
Slugger is your AIFriend. Use ITs Sublime Service. Indeed Mick, it is a disgrace which should be addressed immediately, that you are not wholly and generously awarded and rewarded with government/public funds rather than relying on charitable donations.


amanfromMars …. adding more to the debate on https://sluggerotoole.com/2018/05/25/can-we-relinquish-the-hand-of-history-by-bringing-the-assembly-down-from-stormont-hill/

Sorry, I didnt understand that enough to comment …. Reality Check replying to amanfromMars

Fair comment, Reality Check.

The Defence Academy of the United Kingdom via the Serco Service Desk/HQ Business Development/ Mrs S. Snowdon have mistaken similar for SPAM, which has proved the Program to be Admirably Stealthy and completely misunderstood, rather than all too well understood methinks, by that servering and minding the entrance portals to inner sancta of the MOD.

What has puzzled them is fully shared here


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