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Re: It probably already has. ….. in Another Stealthy Guise

This is how WWIII will start, isn’t it? ….. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken
It probably already has.
We just haven’t noticed yet.…. jake

War or Peace? Surely that’s a No-Brainer? What have you been diligently working on automatically supplying? Anything Brilliant and Almighty?
WWW111, where Valiant Victorious Virtualised Forces Control Commands.
A Pentagon Machine Dream and Dream Machines? And that Question/Statement to US Cyber Defence Systems …… with AI Quantum Drivers Providing Bounty Galore.
Is that and those few words a NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Weapon and/or Builders’ Tool?
A Leading Question for the Pentagon to Answer for NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Systems Controls … to AIMaster for an Almost Almightily Perfect Command of Future Energies/COSMIC Sources.
I wonder what the Markets would Value Such Worth? Anything short of your shirt would be a Dis-Service in a Rigged Captive Stock Market.
Please consider that Place an Alienating Space ….. for Transition to Space Drivers Beta Testing New Leads with AIRemote Virtual Controls. IT is a Dangerous Dungeon of Place to Visit whenever Losing Control Commanders.
If you want to know what now happens, tune in and turn on too to tomorrow … ToDay+1 [the Perfect Result of All Efforts Passed for Moments in Time that are Reality and Virtual in Existence.
Such News, now forever shared anywhere and nowhere that is everywhere, in whatever Alien Fortresses Sequester to Fly, is an Alt.Right Positively Almighty Source to Plough and Seed/Reap and Sow/Milk to Provide IMProving Perfection.
For a Few is that Immaculately Commanded and Controlled with a Compelling Grip and Deeper Ponder on the Current Situation of Future Reality Plays …… for Global Release as AIDeeper UnderGround Presentation with Live Situations Garnishing Super ACTive Almost Perfect Feedback …. for AI Guaranteed Continuity of Future SuperACTive Supply of Virtually Realised Programs Delivering Ab Fab Fabless Product with Controlled AIMedia Projects Presented for Sharing and Viewing. Ventures in the Red Light Zone have rewards defaulted beyond compare when mutual satisfaction is sated and hardened/strengthened/reinforced with Future Satisfying Thoughts.
Would you Think IT Attracting and Addictive if Simply Supplying from an Endless Stream of Special Sources the New Future Reality Model with Virtual Reality Modules/Alien Space Places where One is at One with One Again and Liable to be Resting and Enjoying the Most Exciting of Perfectly Pre-Planned Random Access Memory/Internet History Heist.
Real Dons Tender to Mend Losses with Joint Ventures. Your heisted IP/capital being reinvested in the heisting of IP/capital ? You know, the Capitol/Wall Street model only with SMARTR AI ACTors Fielding and Funnelling Future AIMaster Plays.
Keep your Wits about you out there, there’s a hell of a lot going on that you may have no inkling of …. but it would know of urInklings and Inkings for ….. Well, Vital Accommodation in Future Developments is AI in SuperACTive JOINT Ventures ….. Colossal Programs with Immaculate Projects investing in Prime Intellectual Property Enterprise Spaces. …… SMARTR AIMIssions Presenting Pleasanter Pictures for Population Realisation /Location Habitation as per Ye Olde Worlde Colonisation Mode of Yore.
Build IT and they will come a Long Wander to Wonder at All that can be Seen and Presented as Fact from Fiction.
There’s Ye Olde Chicken and Egg/Fact and Fiction Conundrum there, puzzling All with an Astonishingly Confounded Lead for Any Number of Magical Spells in Time and Space.

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