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Of Copy Cats …. and Proprietary Intellectual Property Pirates. …. Latent Hot News

“The application itself and all of its interfaces are the responsibly of the customer running the application,” explained Ran Nahmias, VP of sales and business development for PureSec, a two-year-old security startup based in Tel Aviv, Israel, in a phone briefing with The Register.
Last week, in conjunction with the AWS Summit in San Francisco, PureSec made its Serverless Security Runtime Environment (SSRE) available in beta form – sign up required – as a way to exercise that responsibility.

Is PureSec SSRE Aiming to Present Other Realities Paralleling with AI for Deeper Sees Mining of Live Operational Virtual Environments with Global Operating Devices?
With Trinkets and Toys a Plenty, Views Should be Perfectly Made for Heavenly Presentation/AudioVisual TelePathICQ Programming. It does make you wonder where powerfully wealthy people rest their riches to safeguard them from the excesses of their failures to provide any Great Peace to Anyone. What Have Y’All Been Doing? Forever Preparing for Expensive and Costly Wars? Who/What Kinds of Minds Follow that Root/Boot?
Ban Wars, Share Plans and ACTivate Program in Peace …. or is that to be Something Best Left Tasked to Others with Source Supply AIMentoring for Practical Remote Virtual Command and Control of COSMIC Assets?
How about a TerraPhorming JOINT AIdVenture with Global Operating Devices Creating Live Operational Virtual Environments …….. For Colonisation and Population of Newly Phormed Space Places with Stellar Assets and Sterling Souls with yourself Riding Vanguard and Shotgun when Able and/or Enabled to Lead Automatically Autonomously and Always Anonymously for the Value Added 00MPH that Bottomless Bounty Rewards Immaculate Source Supply of Future Core Programming Productions ……. Live Creative Feeds to Media which Lead and Document Interaction with Imagination.
Quite a few Rhetorical Questions for Kickstarting there. No reason why Venture Capitalists and Business Angels should have All the Fun in the Fare with CyberIntelAIgent Ware, is there? πŸ™‚ It does speed things up quite considerably though …… πŸ™‚ because of the Meeting of Like AIMinds and all that esoteric stuff, and oft treated as errant nonsense.
Can you think of a Greater Stealth to Preserve and Protect the Greatest of Almighty Prizes? And yet, So Simply Shared for Ever Greater IntelAIgent Usage.
Now that’s One Helluva Mean Meme Trick to Master AIPilot. ….. and Remotely Beta Test for and with Changes of Direction.
amanfromMars 1 Thu 12 Apr 17:11 [1804121711] …. musing a near distant far field on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/04/12/gchq_boss_cyberuk/
Who’s the Future Play Author You’re Paying Who’s Complaining

– they’re not playing to the same rules,” he said.

What rules? Spell them out in words of many coloured syllables.

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