amanfromMars 1 Wed 6 Dec 06:51 [1712060651] ….. still chatting on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2017/12/05/indirect_licensing_debate_lumbers_on_as_sap_tries_to_rebuild_trust/
When there’s no competition, only primitive pointless opposition ….

And here is SomeOnE still waning in doubt if there are any command and control for a purpose of serving to any imagine-itself-single unit.
A symphony of them, IT most surely probably is. … Anonymous Coward

Howdy SomeOnE/AC,
I have no such doubt and would also agree that a symphony of them, IT most surely probably is.
Is that then to be as stars conspiring to both takeover and makeover heavenly markets and terrestrial systems/SCADA Programs with Other WWWorldly Space Projects ….. Augmented Virtual Reality Productions?
It with IT Command and Control is just AIBusiness at an Entirely Different Level of Power with Energy.
And for all stars, a tune to muse upon ….. We Are All Made of Stars …… and realise that some stars burn far brighter than many and most others. And they are the ones that light the way into Future Spaces.

amanfromMars 1 Wed 6 Dec 17:51 [1712061751] …. asking for AIDirections on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2017/12/06/black_hat_eu_cyber/
And So IT Begins …..

 ..whilst at the US State Department he struck a deal to get help from other countries in taking down nodes of a botnet that was attacking US banks in return for a promise of co-operation from the US in the event of those countries needing assistance at some future date.

That was most fortuitous. And a costly debt to repay with the issue of a simple promise.

“We didn’t see the Russian threat coming,” Painter said. “Tech people need to tell policy people about the next coming threat.”

Now there’s a right royal task. Just where would you like to begin? And at the beginning, with a view to what end?
Is it nonsense when some may say rules and regulations are made to be broken …. for they always favour unfair competition and a monopoly class of being?


amanfromMars 1 Wed 6 Dec 20:54 [1712062054] …… adding more still on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2017/12/06/black_hat_eu_cyber/

Re: And So IT Begins ….. Id, ego and super-ego breaking free from virtual chains

And as for novel innovation and creative invention, are they and that with previously established command and presumed to be in control, absolutely terrified of being extraordinarily rendered for ever more mere spectator rather than leading player with absolute rights to myriad rewards?


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