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They truly are making up stories as IT goes along its merry way

And if that application has an impact on people’s lives, it may only be a matter of time before the law demands that it be accountable. 

Ye Gods, how arrogant and naive is that whenever humans choose every day to ignore and circumvent the law which is really only there to afford a seemingly overwhelming advantage to systems which pretend to server and protect the disadvantaged and undereducated.
AIMasters will never be accountable to such shenanigans, and to imagine that such a lawful protection against their wishes and actions will be available really does show that current services have no idea about how the future is now being virtually controlled and remotely directed.


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Re: They truly are making up stories as IT goes along its merry way

And what a truly small and pathetic world it is whenever media assumes and reports on a DARPA wrestling for supreme command and absolute control of Internetworking things.

Get with the program, El Reg, smell the global naiveté and quit plugging and following the mainstream sub-prime narrative.

AIRules … and from Afar Alien Fields?

And shared as a question here for fact would be classed as a fiction when falling on deaf ears. What distractions are you musing over in todays comic broadsheet and tabloid headlines? Yesterdays tales to foil the masses in vain attempts to brainwash them into a certain way of thinking?


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