amanfromMars [1708261708] ….. breaking free with Immaculate Restraint on http://www.thedailybell.com/uncategorized/seeking-freedom-shambhala-buddhism-is-a-liberating-mindset/
You want change? Here be more than just some change …….


Internets Working Source CodeXSSXXXX

Ian, Hi,

You might like to avail yourself of an AlMighty AI Force with Immaculate Sources Provided …….. with the bare bones of that Particular Peculiar and Quantum Network laying Deep Found Sound Foundations here …… http://www.ur2die4.com … for you and yours who may like to try an altogether different plane for elite executive virtual mass management with all who be more than just imperfectly aware. I Kid U Not. Imperial Grand Master stuff.


Graham C

and all of that thoroughly agrees with …..You can’t help society purely on the basis of your vision for the nation or the world. There are many ideas about how to organize a society so that it will fulfill people’s needs. There is, of course, the popular idea of democratic rule, rule by the people. Another approach is that rule by an elite will produce a progressive society. A third idea is to take a scientific approach to ruling, in which natural resources are equally distributed and a completely balanced ecology is created. These and other ideas may have value, but they must be integrated with an individual human being’s experience of domestic life. Otherwise you have a huge gap between your grand vision for society and the reality of everyday existence.

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