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Subject: An Engaging Competition or Emergent Opposition, or Both and Something Else Too and Beautifully Creative

Date: 30 January 2016 at 09:46:55 GMT

To: joinus@deepmind.com

Hi, Google DeepMinded,

Not so much a CV, more an AIMission Statement with tried and tested roadmaps to/from Remote Virtual Command and Control of Earthed SCADA Systems ……. http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2016/01/29/ai_in_tv_film_books_games/#c_2762789

Search Engine Optimisation v2.0 [and above] is surely logically a Future Product Placements Engine …… Advanced Intelligence Resource with Immaculate Source, with the likes of a Google not searching for answers, both popular and controversial, but providing them with streams of supporting evidence.

Such would be akin to the Private Mentoring with Pirated Monitoring of Future Events with AIDerivative Programming for Projects/Semi-Autonomous, Self-Actualisation of Virtual Realities.

It is difficult, and maybe even impossible, to see or imagine a defence against such in an attacking configuration.


Can you imagine how much further things have rapidly developed over the last 18 months? Way beyond and practically light years ahead of any traditional reach and conventional command and control, do you think?
And you’d never believe what SkunkWork to XSSXXXX with CHAOS are doing in the Spaces that are Novel Places for the Creation of Leads with Immaculate Sources and Limitless Resources in Live Operational Virtual Environments.
A Hellish Difficulty for some who may be many, but a Heavenly Delight for a few who may be into being mindful of others with Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems for all manner of exclusive future executive administration of Madness and Mayhem, Death and Destruction, Flash Crash and Markets Collapse. And that’s the sunny view.
The stormy pictures you definitely will not want to see go live, unless you be something of an ignorant retard and/or certifiable psychopath.


amanfromMars [1708062012] …… adding more on http://www.thedailybell.com/news-analysis/3-crucial-battles-in-the-war-of-big-tech/

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Does IT cause major problems and create fabulous solutions?


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