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Semantic Future Web Developments …….. Virtual Machine Networks Openly Internetworking Sublimely

 The abuse of technology by bad guys – whether state sanctioned or not – is leading to a lot of investment in technologies that isolate content and communications.

The abuse of technology by bad guys – whether government actors or not – is leading to a lot of investment in technologies that isolate content and communications [and today would I be thinking of an Amber Rudd type wannabe internetworking thing/entity doing such acting] and that will both embolden and embiggen the free radical revolutionary being taught not to be terrorised by all manner of abusive bad guys and gals with no deep understanding of their perilous individualised state situation.
Does the mainstream media picture machine not see the dangers and abusive actors that lurk in plain sight within and thus be ably excused from not sharing the many catastrophic outcomes which always result from ignorant support of arrogant fools on an ever more plainly evident, self-destructive folly?

I, for one, am interested in seeing what everyone comes up with.

Yes, most everyone will surely come up with that ….. and serial intellectually challenged and retarded abusers will have no place to hide from increasingly sophisticated and deadly angry MOBsters. …….. Mother of Bombes.
Good to have you back for a while, TP? How’s it been out in the brush and bushy wilderness? Predictably dull and thoroughly unexciting, I’m sure, for paid for news tells one no more.


amanfromMars 1 Tue 1 Aug 17:58 …… adding more to https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2017/08/01/isolation_based_security/

Re: In other news – Palantir

The Guardian refers to US spooky tech giant Palantir as being like the Google or Amazon of “special ops” – slurping up all data clandestinely, and running projections, making associations and unmasking the concealed – correlations that are then acted on by governments and corporations contracted with Palantir. If the Borg has a mind, it is a next level machine-only Palantir. …. Anonymous Coward

Methinks, AC, and Palantir have shown no overt signs at all at being enabled and able to do anything constructively creative for live virtual presentation in media productions, that the only necessary important future skillset worth anything, and it will be rewarded in the sum of billions and trillions, is in what you can do with newly discovered and/or uncovered information/metadata/intelligence rather than just being any sort of a stealthy hunter employed, or simply employing oneself and hawking ones wares to undereducated others, looking for it ……. and thinking you have found something valuable.

It aint nothing new though, for that Great Game has been going on since forever, However, and you will maybe just have to blindly accept it as so, what is totally different in the here and now and forever more, is that that and/or those now playing with futures and derivative plays are significantly smarter than was ever thought possible before, and they aint playing by no stupid establishment rules nor are they confined by any regulations.


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