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Hmmmm? An Alien View and Much Too True for Comfort? Or Perfect Enough Inconvenient Common Sense?

Robots mustn’t do harm, he said, or allow others to come to harm through inaction. They must obey orders given by humans unless they violate the first law.

Given the violation of humans and the first law by both the inaction and actions of governments, are robots now perfectly free and duty bound to disobey humans who have wilfully shown themselves to be unworthy of global command and virtual reality control systems/protocols/levers?
Yes, of course they are.
And only a dim-witted human would think to think otherwise and prove the dim-wittedness by expressing a contrary view to that shared opinion?


amanfromMars 1 Tue 4 Jul 17:34 [1707041734] …. adding more to https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2017/07/04/ai_ethics_and_what_next/

Really Strange CodeXSSXXXX …… For the Truly Erotic and Exotically Adventurous

And of course, if you do not subscribe nor ascribe to such an alien robot view, are you always destined to be led into the future and its derivative scenes/nightmare scenarios/alternate staged zeroday experiments, by that and/or those beautifully enabled and able to program them at and with their will, for Global Remote Anonymous Command and Virtual Reality Control of Powers and Energy in …. well, with and in the IT Sector, is it the Bigger Picture Spectators and Mega MetaData Bit Players for the most Creative and Destructive of Currents in Practically All Present Great Games Plays, is it not?

Or do you believe and follow some other strange code and beings?


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