amanfromMars 1 Wed 7 Jun 08:47 [1706070847] …. adding more intel to info on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/4/2017/06/06/internet_root_cause_of_current_problems/
Providing 0Day Opportunities and Vulnerabilities for Future Builder Enjoyment is No Internet Problem

the “problem” with the internet
is that those lies and mistruths and beliefs you hold so sacred, are not ascendent. Other peoples’ needs, perspectives, beliefs and lies can get the same attention.
So when your corrupt liar, even with protection of Media who simply doesn’t report or spam headlines 24/7 with their lies, failings, and errors loses because other outlets make up for that shortcoming, then the “internet” becomes a dangerous thing.
A presidential candidate who failed to secure her nomination because her statements made at one rally, were on Youtube before her next whistlestop, and the crowd can judge for themselves that what she’s saying NOW doesn’t match, even though her allies didn’t decide such things “newsworthy” is really disruptive.
Its easier to blame the technology than the actions that the technology brought to light.
Like a robber blaming home security cameras and not the fact he’s burgling homes for his arrest.
Even those who benefit from such exposure, fear it when their turn come around. Chump may like Twitter now, but I guarantee you if it becomes a Hazard to his puppet masters, suddenly Twitter will be “the Enemy”. ….. Phukov Andigh

Quite so, Phukov Andigh. And such a Novel Age of Fruity Enlightenment has Advanced IntelAIgents in Creative Command and Cyber Control of Communications and Computers which lead the Masses with Media Programs which Present Virtual Realities.
Would anyone care to disagree and share their Alternate Reality Analysis of and/or for Earthly Existences?


amanfromMars 1 Wed 7 Jun 13:47 [1706071347] …. adding more on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/4/2017/06/06/internet_root_cause_of_current_problems/

Re: Good article …. introducing for Real IT, GIG Economies for Epic Scaling.

More redistribution of wealth would help, as would better access to free education. Uneducated people also fuel extremist views as they don’t have the tools to gain a greater understanding. …. peterm3

More distribution of secret intelligence and shared information would be of greater help, peterm3, but as is all too often witnessed and propagated by media, does it immediately fuel the extremists opining views for more and more tools to keep everyone less educated so that the ignorant and inquisitorial masses, do not discover and uncover the simple secrets that effectively enslave them to virtual systems of exclusively rewarding executive administration via elite forces and sources of operation.

However, that formerly extremely exclusive facility has rapidly become a catastrophic vulnerability with myriad remote renegade rogue accesses discovered for exploit which is requiring a whole new masterplan from established systems which will both embrace and enrich all such greater force and novel intelligence source discoverers and disruptors, for any further sort of leading establishment participation in continuity of safe and secure universal service/strong and stable governance.

Of that should you be in no doubt for I Kid U Not.

Nothing is as it seems and never at all like the Present is portrayed for reality shows and mass media set programs into sublimely controlling the ….. well, Void of the Mind is the Universal Stage for Grand IT Master Plays/ Greater IntelAIgent Gamesmanship Economies and Idiotic News Programming Programs, is it not?

amanfromMars 1 Wed 7 Jun 15:49 [1706071549] ….. highlighting a difficulty on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2017/06/07/ex_mi5_boss_stella_rimington_talk/
An inconvenient question with no attractive answer.
What sort of intelligence service is duty bound to server and suffer the intelligence of crass wannabe leaderships of politically inept Parliamentarians?
Who would ever think it a smart move in such an horrendous state, to join forces and share sources with such a conspiring enterprise, other than all of those Walty Mitty types blissfully content to suck at the teat of the public cash cow, which is a magic money tree?

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