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Start a New News Program with Enlightened Scripts to Follow and Make True for Real Enough

Competition entries, once submitted, become the property of the British government. Such challenges are fairly routine in the world of defence science and technology research as the government tries to slurp the fruits of private-sector thinkers.

Which is most probably why the state of governments is so poor and practically always under some sort of PACT or other [Persistent Advanced Cyber Threat] from that and/or those with a mind not to be taken advantage of/cynically abused. And all the really bright sparks are never found toiling in the public sector, are they.
Be honest now. …… for if they were things would not be so austere and inequitable to be a root cause of so much that is presented by media to terrorise and be a constant source of future daily and zero day concern.
Use Virtual Means and Memes. IT aint difficult like rocket science to uncover new star turns able to create, command and control and crash planetary systems of exclusive executive administration.
And that title could also be written Start a New News Program with Enlightened Scripts to Follow for Real and Make True Enough.
The simplest and slightest of changes in past tales of yore easily changes the reality presented to paint a whole new picture ……. and so it is with the times and spaces in which we all play today

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