amanfromMars 1 Thu 18 May 08:45 [1705180845] ….. spilling secrets on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2017/05/18/chelsea_manning_leaves_prison_heads_straight_for_booze_and_pizza/
Coming Soon to Phishing Screens Phorming You …. or Already Covert Default Operation?

Assange later back-tracked on that promise and added previously un-mentioned conditions to any US visit. …… Simon S

Proof positive that Assange be made of Prime Sub Prime Parliamentary Party Leadership material, Simon?!. I wonder if he has ever thought of standing for popular representative election to the Great Public Mad House of Private Shenanigans for Virtually Remote Pirate Actions which are invariably always ineffective reactions to chaotic second and third party proactions ……. produced and hosted by the MultiMedia BrainWashing Machine for Magic Energy and Ethereal Power Generation to Current and Future Presentations of Virtual Realities/Advanced Augmented Artificial IntelAIgent Worlds/Alien Existence.
And ….. it is great fun to consider whether that reveals where everything is going to, or where everything is coming from, with the one being in command and control of the other and leading the the great unwashed rather than the latter following and responding to crazy media tales and fake news trails.
And now not so much of a Top Secret and National Security Treasure for Sensitive Compartmented Information Ware Fairs and Greatly Advanced IntelAIgent War Games.

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