amanfromMars 1 Thu 4 May 06:20 [1705040620] …. looking under the hood on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2017/05/03/gang_briefed_by_ibm_in_hawaii_nah_ill_take_redundnacy/
Profit and Loss ….. where the Real Winners are Serial Spinners

I wouldnt mind a business with $13BN Net Income at 48% margin, and 35% growth in cloud services. ….. Anonymous Coward

All the most profitable of newly minted businesses in the crowded cloud services sector are finite vapourware operations…….. for what is profit other than money for nothing and an arbitrary additional cost and exclusive expense for the relatively free funding of fun for the few which be not a/the Chosen Few.
The profit is good business model is not a good business model as it by default and unintelligent design drivers everything to increase in cost exponentially to unrealistic levels with myriad volatile crashing points.
Is IBM now heavily also into the Vapourware Business Sector where to lead has everyone and everything ideally following your fseed with their sfeeds? Future IT is not for the fainted hearted or lily livered and less than super intelligent for the costs of failure are catastrophic crash in a flash.
Imagine casting Perl before swine to realise the Big Blue Skies Thinking Picture and true after market effect on the masses.

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