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To kill the leaders of ISIS he would need to do a drone strike on Langley ….. Ian Seed
April 23, 2017 at 11:32

Joint Intelligence Committee members playing Great Ineffectual Games with the British Cabinet Office can easily also be thought to be foundational leaders in that fight organising ISIS as a foreign target with allied targets, Ian Seed, with Uncle Sam always foolish enough to be primed to act as almighty arrogant proxy and ignorant paymaster patsy alike.
It is the way such Great Games are played, is it not? All smoke and mirrors with little quiet chats over the port in the library, although probably today has that evolved to accommodate the regular snort too.
Whenever you fight against an enemy for years and there is no real progress, is the enemy you be fighting not the enemy leading the fight. It aint rocket science, is it, whenever it is simple common sense thought too fantastic to be true. And such does provide a fabulous stealth while it lasts. When it ends though because of the emergence of smarter intelligence, is there inevitably a heavy price to pay for the abuse and misuse suffered by the wilfully misled.

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