amanfromMars 1 Mon 27 Mar 13:40 [1703271340] ….. shares an unfolding scene, chatting on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2017/03/26/amber_rudd_calls_for_encryption_workaround/
Many don’t accept it – and enough is enough and no more nonsense will be tolerated ‽ .

This will be forced on us under the cover of protection from terrorists and paedophiles. Anyone resisting will be labelled a sympathiser. But the biggest problem is that most people won’t care. …. Anonymous Coward

Howdy, AC,
Governments’ bigger and rapidly expanding problem is that more than just a smarter few do care and would have both the inclination and the wherewithal to expose and deride the terrorist/paedophile justifications for such draconian self-preservationisms as all wannabe absolute emperor and glorious leader types profess and express to be vital for the greater general wellbeing, when it really revolves around everything staying very much the same in order to preserve the advantages and riches gained by that and those they take their orders from.
It aint rocket science to see and understand the smoke and mirrors desperately employed by such oxymorons to maintain an elite exclusive executive class of austere day traders releasing debt into systems to confiscate assets and destroy prime novel futures with the creation of ignorant slaves to fiat paper production …. aka Quantitative Easing for all those Ponzis on Steroids.
Please note there are no questions trailed there. Such things as are there mentioned, are as is. And they are as nectar of the gods to radical fundamentalists of every hue and cry, too.

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