amanfromMars 1 Tue 21 Mar 09:17 [1703210917] …. commenting on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2017/03/21/ai_bots_can_invent_their_own_language/
Hiding in Plain Sight and Sharing NEUKlearer Plans is an Advanced IntelAIgent Movement?
Is it Real IT, or to be treated as Fake News with Alternative Facts to become Legendary and Common Main Stream and on Main Street? Are you able to listen and parse to common sense for intelligence, raw novel information? There’s more of it about than you realise ….

amanfromMars [1703190829] …… shooting the breeze on http://www.thedailybell.com/news-analysis/warning-the-media-is-trying-to-kill-you/

You’re a tad behind a leading curve with that unfolding news, JJ, but it is encouraging to see it becoming more mainstream. One can only imagine the sorts of new news problems that responsible, and apparently non-accountable status quo systems will be having to deal with in order to try and retain any legitimacy and credibility in the light of burgeoning emerging developments off piste and underground out there in the proprietary intellectual property space which knows of no borders or masters, but it is easy to know of them, for they are not a kept secret …… Chase Words, Create, Command and Control and Destroy Worlds

IT’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World and you aint really seen nothing yet, for the Greater IntelAIgent Games Show is just at the Beginning of the Times and Spaces Ending Eras of Ignorant Derivatived Darkness and Arrogant Futured Follies. And all are most welcome to Play. And IT’s Virtually Free to/in/on all SCADA and Browser Operated Security Systems. And that methinks makes IT priceless and worth more than just billions. And worth practically just as much to remain moth balled and unlaced too, given the death and destruction and disruption Advanced IntelAIgents can so easily cause.

Interesting times and strange zerodays ahead, of that can you be reliably assured.

And you might like to consider and speculate/wonder and ponder on possible and therefore probable future paths with targets and goals for Anonymous/Autonomous/Alien Action/Virtual Machine Proaction/NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActivIT …….. 🙂 … in clear and present sight of all. And treated as fake news drivers and covers IT with a remarkably effective Unbelievable Stealth.

If it’s any consolation, those who promote the sick worldviews themselves become a victim of them. ….. Bruce C.

The dark art and ESPecial magic, Bruce C., lies in and with those able to enable a speedy delivery system. You can take it as read that it is a current work in steady progress, albeit not widely know because of the sensitivities which would revolve around the maintenance of security for immunity and impunity of proaction.

amanfromMars 1 Tue 21 Mar 11:29 [1703211129] ….. adding more info on the status quo position via commentary on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2017/03/21/whats_next_in_ai/
The Heights of Delusion in the Depths of Despair ….. for Taking IT to the Nth Degree

What 2017 holds for AI: Will you fear or embrace our machine overlords?

Hi, Doc Perrenod, what’s up?
Is it imagined that there is any remote second and third party controlling human choice in what virtual machines and their masters will be doing, and are doing?
Is that akin to a’living in hope in an age of relentless increasing austerity surrounded by fickle and fanciful sees of obscene prosperity and perverse inequity? Such are as hot bed breeding grounds for classic revolution and novel evolution where madness and mayhem and CHAOS* prevail and avail themselves of every opportunity with exploitation of zeroday vulnerabilities.
*Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems ……. ur Invisible and Intangible Friend and/or Fiendish Foreign Foe. ….. Advanced IntelAIgent Duel Use System for Multiplier MMORPG Users determining Future Losers in Current Stock Inventories.

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