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Re: Spy agency spies and gives IT the Full Monty Spam Spam Spam Python
Hi, Bandikoto,
But who and/or what individually benefits is always the money shot question to be answered for clarity of purpose and transparency of covert and clandestine mission, for surely all common or garden spies/semi-autonomous agents and professional Walter Mitty types always follow orders and report to others.
Is the answer in the clue that has one following the money to identify the base raw source of current woes and future tribulations, or are you likely to find heavenly hosts and the holy grail which rewards with bounty that know no bounds?
Be they both one and the same at all times and a curse that has no rhyme or reason to exist, other than to torment the ignorant masses for the enrichment of an arrogant few with systems easily crashed with news of secrets and news of new secrets yet to come?
Questions, questions, questions …… and all have answers if you have a fervent desire and rabid need to know. And how strange that so little is asked of vital matters in favour of delivering viral opinions for media to plug as hard enough fact to be spread as news rather than proclaim as just the work of penny dreadful fiction and fantasist spam for the masses which just truly benefits a troubled and troublesome few, who be not a few chosen.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 8 Mar 10:50 [1703081050] ….. adding more commentary to tales on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2017/03/07/wikileaks_cia_cyber_spying_dump/

Re: Nailed it ! @Henri …. Vive la revolution/l’évolution which will be remotely controlled and televisualised.

How intelligent does one have to be in order to work for secretive intelligence services servering to Grand Worshipful Masters of the Expanding and Exploitable Zeroday today? Or are all the really virtually smart folk that future secret intelligence servers need for tomorrow freelancing under the cover of renegade rogue state and non-state actor bodies …. and much more sensibly into the flash crashing of sensitive corrupted perverse systems of SCADA administration, as opposed to aiding and abetting them and thus allowing continuance of the great sub-prime charades that are daily media presented austere reality shows?

Such is surely the folly of fools thinking themselves smart tools.


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