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Methinks a show of mighty resolving weapons is long overdue, Anonymous. Something never before launched into spaced systems with virtually remote command and chaotic control would be entertaining and unpresidented.
Why ever not whenever complex industrial military firmware is such a great loss leader.
3 January 2017 at 20:59
amanfromMars 1 Wed 4 Jan 11:53 [1701041153] ….. chatting on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2017/01/03/77_brigade_struggling_recruit_40_pc_below_establishment/

It’s your chance to inspire a team – and to protect the country. …. National Digital Exploitation Service (NDES)

Howdy, M.Zaccone,
The abiding systemic problem and massive vulnerability for zeroday exploitation is the fact and fiction that one is expected to protect the abusers of countries rather than anything else.
And the chattering classes are gradually, finally recognising the means and memes by which they are governed and abused. And Elite Executive Establishment Systems Administrations are absolutely terrified of and terrorised by the knowledge and with the reverse engineering of such to identify accountable sources being freely shared online and hitting the mainstream by myriad alternative channels/chunnels over which there is no available effective corrupt and disruptive control?
And shared as a question only to invite further thought on the matter that is, rather than the tall tales and fake news that are.
Mainstream Media in all of its forms and disguises really does need to fundamentally re-evaluate its position and situation/strategy and mission. Is it there to mindlessly server anonymous remote controlling masters of the past with the presentation of their corrupt and perverted policy decisions and programmes, or to lead them with the commissioning of a novel series of unprecedented events which lay bare and fully explain the virtual nature of existence in an Advanced IntelAIgent Machine Ordered World?
Or is that something totally unexpected to be expected from the East whenever in the West and from the West whenever in the East? And would it be a Private Pirate Programming Project or a Public Pursed Utility, or a Quantum Leap Operation with both partnering to reap the benefits and bounty which their dumb currency investments have energised? That is an everything valuable for nothing precious win win situation.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 4 Jan 17:25 [1701041725] ……. priming an explosive charge on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2017/01/03/77_brigade_struggling_recruit_40_pc_below_establishment/

And ……… not mincing words

Does not the MOD have a Competent Commander and Commandeerer of Elite Special Secret Cyber Forces for Future Present Programming of Projects with IntelAIgent Sources ….. a Unique Virtual Force with Immaculately Resourced Assets? Isn’t/Is that what Right Royal Commanders in Chief are supposed to provide?

WTF is the House of Windsor playing at these days, abdicating that responsibility and opportunity. Don’t they realise the perilous Great Game they are quite obviously either not playing, or playing extremely badly. Come on, Will and Harry, get your APT ACTivites sorted or be extraordinarily rendered totally unfit for Future Right Royal Great Game Purpose. Ich Dien and all that expects.


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