amanfromMars 1 Mon 12 Dec 09:35 [1612120935] ……. spinning a yarn on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2016/12/12/moscow_on_cashedup_hack_campaign_to_skew_german_election_berlin/
The Bigger APT Picture …… the Serially Inept and Petrified vs the Virtually Adept and ACTive
Which Sectors are UKGBNI Special Forces and Secret Intelligence Service Servers Rooting and Routeing Information for?
A little something to consider, no matter what sector of the planet you inhabit and are subject to dealing with … or not dealing with as the case may most probably be for so very few are able to generate the energy required to move everything or anything forward in a manner which be perfectly acceptable and truly newsworthy.

We are not a self-tasking organisation; we obtain intelligence based only on the questions set for us by government. …… Alex Younger, C, MI6 [8th December 2016] …. just a few random words from a veritable gaggle of other words to be found here ….. Read the full text of the speech

A Great Game Player and Grand Master Puppeteer would more certainly have said …. We are a self-tasking organisation; we provide intelligence based on the answers required for good governance with Absolute Command and Remote Anonymous Control of Live Operational Virtual Environments …. with Advanced IT and Media Hosting the Present and Realities ….. Bigger Surreal Picture Shows.
Such are surely the fields and eras of expertise in which Secret Intelligence Services are drawn into to either do battle against or engage with their special force sources if they are to retain and maintain any credibility which will allow them to survive and prosper and lead in the future. And that also equates to such Secret Intelligent Services/Anonymous Autonomous State and Non-State Actor Agents leading the future.
To not be at least equal to such tasking is a Persistent Advanced Cyber Threat which will never fail to take advantage of and exploit every weakness and opportunity.
Hmmm? Methinks that PACT is a brotherly/sisterly morph of “They represent an existential threat combined with a golden opportunity.” and if terrorising just a practically realised figment of deluded paranoid imagination. …… and such requires a secretive executive administration and an assisting media collusion.
J’accuse. And now you all know how things are done and to be done, if you are to have chance of being responsible for input to output.
And by all media reports, does it sound like Russia is the goto identity if you want to get things done efficiently virtually and practically anonymously and globally. Bravo, Ivan, that is most impressive.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 12 Dec 12:40 [1612121240] …… saying more on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/2/2016/12/12/moscow_on_cashedup_hack_campaign_to_skew_german_election_berlin/

Re: The Bigger APT Picture …… with Fixes Guaranteed to Spectacularly Fail

“…we obtain intelligence based only on the questions set for us by government”.
There seems to be a typo.
“…we deliver ‘intelligence’ based only on the answers set for us by government”.
FTFH. …. Archtech

Even that “fix”, Archtech, reveals and does not conceal the fact that SIS leaderships are as putty and puppets in the hands, hearts and minds of their remote virtually anonymous taskmasters.

Such though is not without opportunities and dark web avenues to explore and exploit ruthlessly, for who wants to played for a fool puppet and manipulated muppet. One imagines rank and file officers would be quite thoroughly pissed off over the situation, given the lowly state of regard and high derision that it would naturally deliver to them and their supporting allies.

Using an easily enough understood analogy ……. when their programming and projects are so Ford Model T like, purchase an Aston or a Bentley or a Rolls Royce servering replacement. It is that sort of customer vessel which delivers all manner of exotic, erotic and priceless goods which are prime non standard standard ……. unique and exciting, sensuous and inviting. Or are they flat broke and being held to a reverse ransom demand ….. Do as you are told or you get virtually nothing, which is a really stupid game to be playing against systems which hoover up and analyse communications in order to render to clients an overwhelming unfair secret advantage.


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