amanfromMars 1 Sat 3 Dec 12:04 [1612031204] … says in reply to a comment on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2016/12/02/hms_queen_eilzabeth_to_sail_south_china_sea/
Should you applaud or be terrified of noble ideas …. with readily available, practical leverage?

I am somehow not convinced about how wise is showing up with a pocket knife to what is a gun party (even as a part of the USA merry gang). …. Voland’s right hand

Gun parties aint what they used to be, Voland’s right hand, and the likes of knives are of no use in those/these postmodernist raves either.

Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems in AI Live Operational Virtual Environments as a novel means and prime meme for command and control of future eventful outcomes/realities, is already upon y’all, and you never saw ITs Coming, even though you were made fully aware of its stealthy alien progress ………. https://www.rt.com/usa/368918-darpa-gamification-public-portal/
Did you mistake it for fake news to be ignored and discounted, in a world awash and drowning in such dire mire?
However, quite whether Uncle Sam and a DARPA development are a leading virtual terrain team, is altogether another question posed, for IT and Media and MMORPG Manipulation of the Masses is not in its Infancy and a Crazy Childish Pursuit. It is considerably more sophisticated and advanced than most everyone on the planet will ever know and realise is possible, but there will always be info and intel made freely available on it in order to allow you access to knowledge of progress in the field, with a view to your views on that which is delivering your future destinations ……… Greater IntelAIgent Games

Do you know what squats and plays Hollywood Gangnam style in Holywood Palace Barracks? Do they work for you in there, or are they state agents and non-state actors with/of/for foreign and alien powers without a clue of what to do in todays extreme cyber space environments capturing hearts and minds both anonymously and autonomously?
And if they are not unbelievably efficient in what they are supposed to be doing, or presumed to be able to do in the national and international interest, are their SCADA Systems cracked and programs hacked??????????????
Methinks then are noble ideas with readily available practical leverage exactly what is needed to be ordered, by that and those responsible for expanding impotence.

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