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A fake news meme, aimed at truth-telling in the alternative media to subvert and corrupt the future path of those alternative media realities, will not work. Indeed, such an operation will be increasingly counter-productive and self-destructive and more revealing of those spent forces and perverted sources which would have peoples/nations/businesses following a hidden agenda.
It is a not a smart move and reveals to one and all that there is a lack of intelligence in the systems which deal in fake news memes, and that is a catastrophic vulnerability which will always be ruthlessly exploited to the greatest effect by other systems and networks which recognise the weakness.


amanfromMars [1611201300] …. adding more to http://www.thedailybell.com/news-analysis/fake-company-facebook-to-battle-fake-news-2/

And the additional danger and every likelihood to and in established status quo, economy of truth peddling systems/elite executive office administrations, is that once they be told of their precarious position in such dire extreme and austere situations, and would choose to ignore and or too slowly acknowledge and be actively presenting evidence of a radical fundamental hearts and minds change of direction/policy/story line, with alternate forces and sources align most naturally with their opposition and competing resources for lead from the front, and then rather than being thought proactive will they be forever reacting to stop the rot which will sweep through their systems.

Indeed, it is difficult to impossible to not notice that blight already doing its thing because of the aforementioned lack of necessary intelligence in established systems.


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