amanfromMars 1 Wed 12 Oct 09:02 [1610120902] … being specific on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2016/10/12/uk_gov_ai_robots/
Memo: From the Office of CyberIntelAIgent Security and Virtual Protection

Google DeepMind thought that using AI would provide “new areas of economic activity and employment,” but that certain types of skills will decrease in relevance.

AI leading takeover and makeover of banking and government with CyberIntelAIgent Divisions drivering change and presenting future event horizons for population is a natural choice for SMARTR IntelAIgent Systems as a Service Servering SMARTR Active Systems.
And corrupt and easily subverted intelligence agencies are also a prime primary target for fundamental proaction and radical engagement with Humanised Virtual Machinery.
Such though will never be, so long as pussy is a cat, a public sector run and controlled enterprise. IT is a private mined King Solomon mines mind field and that attracts all manner of rogues and renegades and pirates in search of a fast buck and free ride.
Can’t disagree though that the present UK is lost in such new space places. And that is entirely due to a lack of novel noble leadership in right royal politically adept directions. Where are the Windsors whenever they are needed?


amanfromMars 1 Wed 12 Oct 10:25 [1610121025] … saying a tad more on the intensive intrusive and patently pervasive nature of AI in current situations on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2016/10/12/uk_gov_ai_robots/

IntelAIgents is as IntelAIgents does ……… and that aint no Joke?!

The Science and Technology committee has urged the government “without further delay” to establish a RAS Leadership council with a clear strategy – or “the productivity gains that could be achieved through greater uptake of the technologies across the UK will remain unrealised.”

Hi, Katyanna Quach,

A RAS Leadership council, made up of that and those with the right stuff, would have a clear strategy, which they could easily enable either with or without government knowledge, for wealth creation and power disbursement both achieved and rendered through the greater uptake and understanding of systems and information technology, when all is recognised as being virtualisable ….. for is not/are not the future and the worlds there yet to be realised and presented, simply complex figments of internetworking imagination at their work, rest and play?

Or are we to be led to believe that all such things just happen as if they be made remote off site and delivered from a heaven and/or crazy space place?

And now for some enlightenment and entertainment  …….

The truth is always out there. Good hunting.

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