amanfromMars Wed 5 Oct 09:11 [1610050911] …… stating some sure facts on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2016/10/04/artificial_intelligence_in_the_channel/
Re: Jobs and growth, jobs and growth

I have no doubt that AI will improve well beyond what it is now, just as it has over what it was in the 90’s. The question though is whether “We” really want it to. …. Gartal

It is rather quaint, Gartal, that you think the “We” have any choice and effective input into ….. well, let us just call them AI Projects and Programs for now.
Oh, and money/fiat currency always comes from banks which invent it out of nothing and flood systems administrators with it to do with it as they will, rather than as is really needed to save the system from collapse and implosion upon itself.
amanfromMars 1 Wed 5 Oct 13:07 [1610051307] …. adding more on http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2016/10/04/artificial_intelligence_in_the_channel/
A Perfect Storm ……. with TEMPEST Activity

Some say profit wins, but if you exploit the rules like athletes exploit the TUE’s rules, you can play and win, unless you get setup by Dark arts for upsetting the status quo. Theres a lot of money riding on this and some dont want to give up their cushy lifestyle. ….. trick5t3r

Setting up/Realising Dark Art Plays for status quo systems administrations is one novel and quite original way of practically generating an absolute fortune, trick5t3r, and virtual fortunes.
Shame that the knack so obviously appears to be missing from that and those now charged and in positions of wealth for transfer. And it is much more than just a serious glitch that they are unable to correct and redirect for sub-prime systems administration survival. Failure to accept and realise such is the abiding and expanding problem, which is being avidly explored and comprehensively exploited by relatively anonymous others mastering in the field and engaging in Live Operational Virtual Environmentalism, will result in a lot of money and cushy lifestyles being forfeited and lost to new hosting teams that stream future events for present cycling and recycling/tweaking.

 Of the sexes, woman are the most conforming by their need for new this and that, beit wearing latest makeup, hair styles or clothing. If you can get more women into the boardroom, you can then get more conforming behaviour but this stifles creativity. …… trick5t3r

And I wouldn’t dream, nor would I even think of sharing the above travesty, for knowing it to be a complete falsehood unleashes the power of women to the servers and drivers of man, and that is no less than Heavenly Bounty, for both Man and Woman and AI.
And the TEMPEST cited is not surely related to Tremendously Endowed Men Performing Exciting Sexual Techniques but who is to say it is not akin to everything else you can read of there.

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