amanfromMars [1609251134] …. having a chat with absent friends and probably others too, who could also be wannabe immortal enemies 🙂 on http://www.thedailybell.com/news-analysis/loss-of-fbi-reputation-irredeemable-james-comey-must-resign/
The troubles that all current status quo forces and present day establishment agencies endure and fail both spectacularly and miserably to come to amicable and equitable terms with, was/is well recognised and articulated in these few words which be copied from a earlier, before its time, talk on such intelligence matters [16 August 2001 at the 10th USENIX Security Symposium*]
And to imagine and posit that it causes terrifying problems, is to identify oneself as a problem and possible live target/person of interest/machine of concern for particular and peculiar corrective action/censure/removal from future event programs.

‘Reversing the Panopticon” is the motif of John Young’s and my remarks today. They allude to Cryptome and, more recently Cryptome’s companion site, Cartome’s, modest ongoing project of reverse-engineering, metaphoric in our case, perhaps, and perhaps as vulnerable as silk thread, too — transacted under the assumption that information is power, involving efforts to reverse-engineer labyrinthine information architectures: encouraging a reversal of restricted one-way information flows, a reversal of one-way transparency, a reversal of the one-way power relation captured through the insidious one-way mirror.

Information is power, and its sharing with intelligence is a cosmic energy, both hellish in the destructive force it can release and unleash in abuse and misuse with IT and Media Command and Control, and heavenly in its creative use.
Such does make one wonder why practically all leading main stream media shared information paints a false tale which delivers a sub prime trail and corrupted and perverse virtual reality plays. Methinks that is moronic and indicative of more than just a touch of madness being endemic and systemic in such systems of administrative operation.
* http://cryptome.org/cartome/reverse-panopticon.htm
Graham C 1609251644] ….. asking a few impertinent pertinent questions on https://www.rt.com/op-edge/360560-obama-veto-saudi-justice-bill/
Does that unilateral presidential veto against the express wishes of both the Senate and the Congress indicate that the United States of America is a fascist entity and the rule of law and regulations of justice are now extraordinarily rendered null and void there?
Hmmmm? That must surely present a really uncertain and probably quite violent revolutionary future there. How very odd that such should be the path they have chosen.
Is it madness delivering mayhem and self destruction?

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