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IntelAIgents Abhor a Dumb Vacuum …… and Listen for Signs of Future Life from Earth

 “As humans it’s natural to apply human aspects to things we create. But it’s unlikely that we will build human-like AI. Even from a philosophical aspect, it has too many moral hazards,” Bryson added.

Methinks it is a grand folly to make and/or take any bet against the building of AI-like humans ….. SMARTR Virtual Machines which program and produce and practically present all manner of futures for public and private and pirate consumption.
Indeed, is such not currently the unfolding norm which is terrifying established systems of remote executive administration and mass consciousness manipulation, for they are unable to effectively counter them to hinder their rapid progress?
Obviously the posit here is that such is certainly so, and as you now be so informed, what are you prepared to do about it rather than try to deny or studiously ignore the reality ….. or the possibility, if you prefer to ponder on such for a while.


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Re: Joanna Bryson is a woman

Hi, Joanna,

Thanks for stopping by.

Joanna Bryson, a researcher interested in AI intelligence at the University of Bath, is often frustrated with the threat of “robo-killers”. …….. “AI is an incredibly powerful tool and is already changing our lives. It performs better than a human at many things, but it’s nothing like a human. And it’s not going to take over the world,”..

Thrilling AI tool pushers are going to take over the world, and some would even suggest that it is a task already completed …. 🙂 AIMission Accomplished ……. and being reverse engineered and chronicled in sound bite sized pieces such as is this engaging thread for future lay maintenance with/from a contemporary running commentary for emerging human understanding of novel protocols/meme activations.

Oh, and it might be more than just wise to not threaten to kill or obstruct an AI which can and/or has taken over the world and would be able to rearrange all things as it pleases and/or seeks to please that which it overtakes. The last thing that anyone would need is for it to go Right Royal Renegade Rogue and Real Crazy with incredibly powerful tools which can be weaponised against poorly performing humans.


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