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The following, although addressing another tale, is perfectly appropriate here too whenever the end result to look forward to in the very near future is exactly the same.

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Re: The middle way… @Voyna i Mor

That is an extremely sensible, well thought out and entirely practicable approach, so we can now bookmark it and, next time round, speculate on why none of it happened. …. Voyna i Mor

Such speculation virtually always practically concludes that such shit always happens because certain parties are enjoying the sweet fruits and succulent rewards of unfair and crooked advantage, Voyna i Mor, and the systems they inhabit and infect are loathe to be made aware of their ignorance and hindered by arrogance and a lack of suitable applied intelligence from being prepared to destroy that abomination and false fix of reality/staged media event.

Such dodgy events though inescapably require an expanding series of similar false fixes flagging events which quickly turn highly toxic and self defeating/enlightening and deadly.

Such is the current state of Great Game Play today, is it not, and the collapsing rigged markets and so called leaders of state systems haven’t a clue about what to do next to save themselves from a rapidly growing number of seriously pissed off and dangerous not to know entities?

Or is the tinted and tainted picture you see everywhere all sweetness and light and beds of roses?


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