amanfromMars [1608281526] ….. having a say on http://www.thedailybell.com/news-analysis/is-the-fed-being-torn-down-in-order-to-create-a-new-powerful-global-entity/
The great abiding and increasing worry and terror for that which currently or in the future controls things so badly, and don’t let us get bogged down in putting a name to the corporations and organisations which are failing so spectacularly to command control, is that simple common sense and widely shared intelligence in multiple channels which is constantly streamed invisibly to sectors and vectors/state and non state actors in support of radical underground movements and paramilitary circles, is that things are gonna get real personal with guiding heads in headquarters being targeted for summary execution/politically motivated assassination in just the same way that the System’s systems take care of their enemies and old friends turned renegade rouge bull elephant.
And the world is awash with all manner of budding and willing psychopaths, is it not? Every day the news spills us yarns of their actions in fields prepared to be laid waste and rendered barren by the West.
It is not a department or an office or a cabinet or a committee that makes and takes crazy decisions, it is a leading human who be heeded and be thought to be needed. No one is irreplaceable in an instant though.
And Uncle Sam appears to have fallen headlong into the same trap that this article ……. HOW CIA WON THE COLD WAR …… suggests he laid for the Russian bear, for they too today are surely tilting at similar windmills and mad inventive ghosts?
And that is both real dumb and virtually stupid and indicates a definite lack of viable future intelligence for sharing/spreading/believing.


amanfromMars [1608281648] …. adding more heavy metal fuel to the fire and the above

It is also a perfectly ripe, zeroday rich vulnerability for ruthless exploitation and universal export and one of those new fangled, quantum entangling PACT things …….. Persistent Active Cyber Threat and/or Persistent Advanced Cyber Treat thing.

And something surely quite different and alien/irregular and unconventional for the future and dumb systems to deal with and get thoroughly used to being engaged with? Yes, of that you can be definitely assured and /or terrified if that be your bag.


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